How Can I Promote My CPA Offers for Free?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it can be a very easy way for someone to earn money online. You get paid when someone enters their email address takes a survey or fills out a form. Yea, you can earn money without having someone spend money because we are ALL cheap asses right?

You can promote CPA offers using organic reach, social media, messaging, email, and even flyers.

Keep reading and I’ll share in detail how you can promote CPA offers using organic reach, social media, messaging, a way to get paid to exercise, and a way to earn money just by having someone click on a link before they fill out a form.

Why Promote CPA Offers?

At the time of this blog post I’m fairly certain there is a recession going on around the world due to Covid19, the Ukraine war, high gas prices, crazy weather, and not many people wanting to work due to catching Covid19.

This means everyone is cheap, which is healthy. Promoting CPA offers means you can earn money to pay the bills without having someone spend money.

Also, some offers can pay a TON of money I’m talking over $100 just for a lead. Someone puts in their email address and you earn $100, cool right?

The place I recommend you go to get access to these opportunities is this one HERE. There is an application process, the good news is I tell you exactly what to say so you get accepted into the club.

You could promote 1 offer or what I would recommend is using email to promote TONS of offers. This one HERE you can actually use for FREE and it allows you to set up a landing page for FREE.

Yes, I’m a cheap ass like you, so I like free.

You might be wondering what you say in the messages and how often to send emails and this takes training. This is a skill set and you have to learn from someone who is actually doing this and earning money.

The only person I would recommend is this guy HERE, because he is the real deal.

Now, that you have your offer or your landing page here comes the fun part of promoting it. Oh, and there is even a way to earn money when someone clicks on a link before they get taken to an offer.

They don’t have to sign up for anything, buy anything JUST click on a link. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s something. You can learn more about this by clicking on the link HERE.

Manually Talking to People!

One of the easiest ways to promote a landing page or offer is by manually talking to people. Some people feel this is spam.

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Spam depends on the intent and where it’s coming from. If you have good intentions and you’re truly trying to help someone then it’s positive and good.

If you’re clearly annoying people then this is spam. It’s like joining a cooking forum and then sending everyone a link to purchase solar panels it’s out of place and more spammy.

If it’s related and helpful and you’re doing it in a way that isn’t pushy, then it’s not spam.

I used to enjoy going on Facebook Messenger and adding people who were into affiliate marketing as friends. I think you can add 30 people in the morning and 30 in the evening and you can have a maximum of 5,000 friends.

Then I would message each person and I would say “Hey, I see you’re an affiliate marketer like me how is your business doing?”

If the person didn’t respond then I would move on to someone else. If the person did respond I would say “are you interested in an easier way to earn money with your affiliate business?”

If they say “No” I would go to the next person. If they say “Maybe or Yes” then I would say “this really helped me check it out and let me know what you think.”

You could include a link to a Youtube video, landing page, or use a link shortening service to promote the offer.

Something like that, do you see how you’re pulling more than pushing something on someone?

What I really enjoyed about talking to people is sometimes they would share what they had and I would check it out and sometimes it was really good and I learned!

Facebook isn’t the only place to talk to people another popular place is Instagram.

First, you would download the app on your phone. Then in the search bar, you would type in someone who fits your target on what you’re promoting. The more targeted the better!

You can Direct Message (DM) up to 25 people per hour or 150 per day.

Another thing you can do with Instagram is groups. You can add up to 32 people per group. With groups, you can send 4,800 (targeted) messages a day.

You might be wondering if manually talking to people is EVEN worth it right?

If you just got 1 stupid sign up (not even a sell) with an offer that is $100 per lead that is $100 a day. If you did this every day you would earn $36,500 a year just by sending some messages.

That is without sending someone to a landing page and getting them on an email list. With an email list, you could promote multiple offers to 1 person probably earning more money.

Cool right?

Another place is You can sign up and then message people that you feel are in your target audience.

Twitter is another place I’ve had “a ton” of success at. This is a free way to do Twitter and autopilot way and if you’re interested HERE is how to do both.

How to Promote CPA Offers Using Content?

The way I prefer to promote CPA offers is by using content. The reason why is because of leverage. You do the work one time and you can earn money in the future.

You could think every piece of content someone views is like sending a message. Instead of manually doing it you’re letting the platforms do the work.

I look at content as assets almost like little real estate rentals that I can earn money from. Blogging is one area that I highly recommend the challenge with blogging is it takes time to rank.

1 blog post can take 6-10 months to fully rank in Google. You also “have to” go to school to learn how to blog.

Yes, it’s Near impossible to figure it out on you’re own.

It’s better to learn from people who actually “do what they teach” not fake teachers. The place I recommend is these guys HERE.

What is cool about a blog is you can take 1 blog post and repurpose it to Linkedin, Quora, Medium, and other places getting more views.

You can also “easily” take a part of your blog and make a Youtube video about it. Youtube is MUCH quicker than a blog and why I recommend it and do it.

You can then take the sound from your blog and make a podcast, getting more views. Oh, and why not make a short TikTok, Instagram and Youtube Short video from the highlights of your blog post.

For 1 short article, you can REALLY get a ton of leverage and earn more money for the least amount of work.

Cool right?

Exercise and Promote CPA Offers?

Ok, we all need exercise, right? What if you could get paid while you exercise? What you can do is print out a flyer that teases what your offer will provide or a landing page.

This is where the skill of copywriting can help and to get better at this I would recommend this guy HERE.

If you have a good domain like I have then you can simply put the domain on the flyer. Heck, you could even make the bottom part where someone can peel it off with your domain name on it.

The domain then would then lead to a landing page where you would promote many offers through email.

I recommend college campuses and other popular locations where people walk.

If you don’t have a domain you could always use an email address. Then what you could do is send up vacation mode in Gmail and it will automatically send out a message when someone sends you an email.

The message could include something like “thanks for your interest in xxxxxx please click on the link to learn more about xxxxxx.”

The link then would send someone to a landing page or an offer. This way it’s on autopilot and you don’t have to manually send out messages.

You might be wondering how to create a flyer right? I found a tutorial on making a free one just using openoffice (free word processor) or Microsoft Word at this link HERE.


Another way you can promote CPA offers is through craigslist and there is a FREE way that I wrote about HERE.

I’m sure there are many other free ways to promote CPA offers, but I’ve used all these ways and they do actually work.

The flyers I actually used a lot when I was doing a MLM. Funny story I used to go to colleges and pass around a sign-up sheet during classes where people would give their contact information to learn about a side gig of earning money.

It actually worked VERY well.

I hope this blog post on how can I promote my CPA offers for free was helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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