3 Ways to Monetize a Twitter Space! Expert Weighs In!

Twitter is a very powerful social media platform and they just recently released something called Twitter Space. Being a big fan of Twitter I wanted to know how I use this new feature to my benefit and so I discovered a few cool things.

You can monetize a Twitter Space with Ticket Spaces, Promoting a Website, and with a Tip Jar!

Keep reading and I’ll share 3 additional ways to earn money from Twitter, what a twitter space is, and the requirements. Plus, I’ll share my favorite way to use Twitter!

What is a Twitter Space?

A Twitter Space is very similar to the app Clubhouse and it’s basically a live audio chat room. Clubhouse did a lot of great things for this type of social media, but it’s started to lose steam with fewer people downloading the app.

You could think of a Twitter Space as a podcast you can participate in.

Oh, and other players such as Spotify, Facebook, and OnlyFans are looking to compete in this space as well. The good thing about a Twitter Space is there is “a lot” of reach because it has 206 million users compared to Clubhouse’s 6 million users.

If one of your Tweets gets a lot of attention you can turn that tweet into a conversation or promotion for something (basically amplifying the tweet).

According to Tory Bullock Clubhouse is MORE hostile to marketers and Twitter is more welcoming.

Up to 13 people including a host and co-host can talk at any given time. There is NO limit to the number of people that can listen to a space. I’m curious how this new feature will be used with Politics.

Hopefully, Twitter doesn’t silence someone just for being with 1 political party (I think that is unfair).

To invite people to your space you can either Tweet out a link or DM a bunch of people inviting them to your space. Oh, and someone does need to have at least 600 followers to create a Twitter Space.

The second requirement is you can only start the space from the mobile app. If you want to listen to a Twitter Space you can use either the mobile app or a desktop app.

Lastly, it’s good to know that Twitter will keep a copy of Spaces for 30 days. Everything you say on a space will be recorded.

Oh, and I just listened to an interview with a Facebook moderator and “everything” you put on messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp moderators can see.

Big brother is always watching!

How to Grow a Twitter Account

It’s easy for a celebrity to get followers because they have star power right? For “little people” like you and me, it takes more hustle.

On one of my Twitter accounts, I have 5,869 followers. The way I built this many followers is by following 30 people a day in a certain niche. Some of these people follow me back and over time I was able to get 5,869 followers.

It sounds like a pain in the ass, but it’s really not that bad and it’s the best way I found to get followers. You could make the case that if you Tweet good stuff (good stuff is debatable) then you can get followers this way.

Quality content is debatable, but the speed and how much content you put out is NOT debatable. Tweeting more will increase your chance of getting more followers.

I try to send 1 Tweet every 2 hours, but I use a tool that helps me do this and you can learn more about this tool from the link HERE.

Ticket Spaces

The first way to monetize a Twitter Space is with something called Ticket Spaces and there are a few requirements. The first requirement is you need to have at least 1,000 followers. The second requirement is you need to have hosted at least 3 spaces in the last 30 days. Oh, and you need to be 18 years of age or older.

I think you should be able to earn money online if you’re under 18 because “it’s good education right?” Why the hate on minors?

The way ticket spaces work is the only way someone can join your space is by purchasing a ticket. You set the price and you can also determine how many tickets to sell.

According to Twitter, a creator can earn up to 97% of the money earned from tickets purchased after fees. The creator can also get paid through their stripe account.


The second way you can earn money from Twitter spaces is by promoting something. You can use the space to educate and build a relationship with someone.

Then during your meeting, you can mention your website or blog. The website or blog then can earn money from advertisements, affiliate offers, lead generation, e-commerce, or products you have created.

This is the way I would recommend “an average person” like you and me to earn money from these spaces. There is free information upfront and you can earn money on the back-end. If you’re a celebrity or sports star then sure you can charge for a ticket and you will probably be fine.

Someone like myself I’ll be LUCKY to get a few people to my space for free (I might even have to entice them with a gift). The only person who would purchase a ticket to one of my Twitter Spaces I’m thinking is my MOM and that still might be difficult.

Tip Jar

The tip jar feature on Twitter is just as you imagined. There is a little tip jar icon and someone can send you a tip. This function is used on Android and IOS and I wasn’t able to find it on my PC.

This feature does work with many payment platforms including Bitcoin, Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Paypal, and Venmo.

How you would earn money with a tip jar is if you share helpful or entertaining information then you could ask someone for a tip.

I think this is almost like begging and HATE the idea of asking someone for a tip, but it’s an option. This will soon be implemented in a Twitter Space.

You could open up a Twitter space to talk about a certain topic, share some helpful information, and at the end say a tip is optional.

Still, I would prefer to mention a website or blog post for more information and monetize that way.

Super Followers

Another way to earn money from Twitter is with a new program called Super followers. Looks like Twitter is taking a page out of the popular apps called Patreon and OnlyFans.

If you’re interested in learning how to earn money with Patreon I did a whole blog post about it and you can check it out by clicking on the link HERE.

Patreon is different from asking for tips and there is a right way to use the platform.

With Super followers, a Twitter user can charge followers for special content. This special content could contain videos, private groups, offers, discounts, newsletters, and rare tweets.

The amount could be $3 $5 or $9 a month for users to see this exclusive content. This Super Follower program could work great for people who are already celebrities or who have big followings.

2 Other Ways to Earn with Twitter

There are 2 other ways to earn money with Twitter that I know of. The first way is a manual process, which I’m not a HUGE fan of but it’s an option.

How this would work is you would first find an affiliate product to market. It can also be a blog post you created. Then you would go to Twitter Advanced Search (I found it by just Googling it) and search for people looking for your product.

Maybe you’re marketing a product to help people with affiliate marketing then you could find people that are struggling to pay their bills or look for people who mentioned “I hate affiliate marketing” in a tweet.

Then leave a comment on their “complaining tweet” and mention “I felt just like you did then I found something that works, DM me for details.”

If that person DM’s you then send them your affiliate link or link to your blog post. Do you see how this is a pull method of marketing? You’re not pushing your affiliate links to random people!

The reason I’m NOT a huge fan of this process is because it’s VERY manual and your time is money. You could be better off using that time posting a blog post or Youtube video that is more long-term and earns you money well into the future.

The second way to earn money from Twitter is to use a tool that automatically Tweets. These Tweets could be quotes, your blog posts, affiliate links, your Youtube videos, or anything that is helpful.

Then every day you can focus on growing your Twitter account by following people in your niche. You could look at this like an autoresponder for Twitter.

There are a variety of tools that do this, but if I had to start all over again I would start HERE.


Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms. Like all social media platforms, it’s better for you to use the tool rather than the tool use you.

Trying to earn money from Twitter is a healthy way to use the platform. Sadly, some people use this platform (like many platforms) to cause harm to others and to themselves.

It’s difficult to remove a Tweet when it’s up there so “be in the right state of mind when you Tweet.” Hopefully, this blog post on 3 ways to monetize a Twitter Space was helpful to you. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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