More About Me

Hello. Thanks for visiting my website. In case we haven’t met yet. My name is Kevin and I really love experimenting with new approaches to affiliate marketing. These approaches include growing multiple Youtube channels, blogs and social media accounts, writing multiple eBooks, and creating a few Podcasts.

I’ve been an affiliate for “well” over 10 years. In the last 3 years, I’ve humbled myself to learn from people MUCH younger than me within the crypto industry and in reselling domain names.

I’ve documented a few of the things I’ve discovered in this world using this blog. Of course, my interests continue to expand with LOTS of traveling that I do, as well as hobbies such as falling on my face trying to surf or skimboard at my local beach.

I do play guitar and have played in front of a crowd in Pamplona, Spain. If I had any more free time I probably would get into flyfishing at a nearby river.

Recently, I’ve been interested in strange ways to earn money as well as unusual ways to reduce bills. As far as normal jobs go I’ve done everything from working in a meat freezer, a grocery store, restaurants, a lumber yard, a door factory, marketing, car sales, door-to-door sales, and phone sales.

The purpose of this blog really is to be as helpful as I can be, documenting my journey. Thanks for your interest.