2 Easy and Fast Ways to Promote Maxbounty Offers!

Maxbounty is a great affiliate network because there are some offers that pay a lot of money. Some offers can pay $100 to $600 per lead. Yea, someone doesn’t even have to buy anything for you to get this money sometimes.

The easiest and fastest ways to promote Maxbounty offers would be using Microsoft Ads and Craigslist.

Keep reading and I’ll share 3 different ways to promote offers on craigslist, 6 things to think about when choosing a CPA (cost per action) offer, and the 1 thing you have to do with paid ads to get your affiliate link to work.

Maxbounty and Craigslist Method?

You can promote Maxbounty CPA offers on Craigslist for FREE or you can spend around $5 to run an ad for 30 days.

Maxbounty CPA Offers can work with Craigslist and the best thing is there is a FREE way to post and paid strategy. If you don’t have a Maxbounty account then you will have to apply.

They don’t accept everyone so there are a few things you have to say “correct” in order to get approved and you learn how to get accepted from this post HERE.

Now that you’re approved you want to go to Craigslist.org and click on a big city near you. Next click on gigs at the bottom and then on either computer or labor and look at the offers.

Now, simply look at the offers and you should find something similar to what you can offer at MaxBounty. Looking at similar offers can give you ideas of what to write about.

Of course, you want to be as honest as possible with your offer, but this can help.

It’s like learning the guitar sometimes it helps to model someone else when you first start. Oh, and Jimmy Hendrix the guitarist copied BB King on stage to learn his style (there is nothing wrong with modeling someone else).

Next, create your ad it does cost $5 per post and it will last for 30 days. In the ad, you can have someone email you if they are interested.

Then email them back with the affiliate link. You just want to make sure the offer allows traffic from email.

Also, make sure the offer in Maxbounty will work and this means the Geography is the United States and you can do that in the search tab.

I also found email submits in the categories can provide a lot of offers! Free Coupons and surveys can also work well with Craigslist.

Another idea is to get yourself a landing page with a domain name. You can create a landing page with this one HERE and even get started for free with up to 500 contacts.

With the landing page, you can put the link on the craigslist offer page. You can do this FREE.

With $12 a month, you can have 1,000 contacts and unlimited landing pages.

When you collect an email you can then send someone more offers. Email marketing does work if you know what you’re doing and I recommend this HERE to improve your skillset.

Another idea is you can post CPA offers in the community tab and this is FREE. The only problem is you can only submit 2 posts every 48 hours.

MaxBounty and Microsoft Ads

By far the easiest way to get started with MaxBounty is ads and Microsoft can provide the greatest return on your investment.

Many people overlook Microsoft and go straight to Google and this means the prices can sometimes be lower with Microsoft advertising.

The type of traffic you will be going after is Search and make sure you read the requirements (such as country).

Also, follow the rules, it’s not worth the risk to get banned from MaxBounty due to greed!

Now you have to find a MaxBounty offer to use. It’s better if you have used the product you’re promoting. Here are some other things to think about…

  • Does the copywriting resonate with you?
  • How has is the EPC (earnings per click)? The higher the EPC the more money you will earn per click. Sometimes higher EPC means more marketers are targeting it and it’s MORE competitive.
  • Look at the restrictions this could be geography, devices and other things.
  • Look at the payment model. Sometimes you will get paid as soon as someone enters their email and other times they have to fill out a survey that takes 1 hour. You want a payment model that makes it as easy to get paid as possible.
  • Look at the daily cap. This is the maximum amount of transactions you will get paid each day.
  • Do you like the niche the product is in? I would not want to market beauty products because I’m not into that niche. I prefer marketing products I feel good about, not just too make money (this is an ethical decision everyone has to make).

Now, that you have the product you want to market head over to Microsoft Ads HERE and open an account.

Now, go to the Campaigns tab and click on “create campaign.”

The goal is “visits to my website” and then “search.”

Next, pick your campaign name and the daily budget of your campaign. Also, make sure the countries are allowed in the MaxBounty offer.

If the offer only allows United States then ONLY target people in the United States! You should be careful with this.

Then click on the box “only in target location.”

When you preview the landing page on your MaxBounty offer you want to enter that web address into Microsoft Ads URL to get ideas on what keywords to target.

You could also use Google Keyword Planner HERE to get more ideas. The Keyword planner is for Google Ads, but you can also use it for Microsoft Ads.

You’re looking for keywords that are matching what you’re offering. Long-tail keywords with 3 or more words can be good and less expensive.

Now, you have some keywords the next step is to create the ad and you want to click on “create ad”. Next you want to choose an expanded text ad for your ad type.

For the final URL you want to put the URL of the offer preview. If you put your affiliate link, tracking link or landing page then there is a chance your ad could not be approved.

The final URL is the final place your visitor will go (not a redirect that some affiliate links have). Next, choose your Titles and the rule of thumb is to put keywords in the Title.

This way it matches what someone is typing.

For “Title Part 2” you can put in a call to action such as “Click HERE.” You also put in some reasons why someone would click the link.

I’m using a gift card for the ad I just created, so I would choose “Click HERE for a gift card.”

Title Part 3 is optional.

For the description, you also want to include the keywords. You can explain what they would get in the offer.

You want everything the match! The keywords match the title to the description of the Landing Page.

Everything is as targeted as it can be!

The tracking template field is where you put your affiliate link. If you don’t put your affiliate link in this field you will NOT get credit.

Now, you simply run the ad. When it comes to your budget I recommend starting slow and increasing if you see positive results. This also works how much you want pay per click you want to start small and slowly increase it if not many people are clicking on your ad.

When you start to see money from running paid ads it’s good to reinvest back into your business. One area you could reinvest is in tracking software.

Tracking software can help you improve your paid ads because you will have more information on what works and what doesn’t work.

There is different software that does this, but this one HERE is the one I would recommend.


There is “a lot” to paid ads, but hopefully, I gave you the basics on what to do to get started. Perhaps it gave you some confidence that you can do it along with Craigslist.

I know what you’re thinking and that is “I don’t want to spend money to earn money.”

Spending money is the easy way to drive traffic because it’s quick. There are many free ways to also drive traffic to offers and they require more work.

This way HERE is what I recommend for getting free traffic and I do it a lot so I know it works. If you want to apply to MaxBounty I recommend checking this out HERE that way you know exactly what to say in the interview process to get accepted.

I hope this post on easy and fast ways to promote MaxBounty offers was helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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