Can you Earn Money in Blankos Block Party? 3 Ways!

Blankos Block Party combines 2 of my favorite activities making money and playing video games. 3 days ago I just beat Sekiro Shadow May Die Twice, which might have been the greatest moment of my life.

Not sure if that is sad or not. There are a lot of crypto games out there and maybe you’re wondering how Blankos stacks up. You might be wondering what the game is and how it works?

You can earn money with Blancos Block Party by buying or earning items in the game and then selling them for cash. The third way is by joining the creator crew and getting paid to promote the game.

Keep reading and I’ll share the 2 currencies of the game, how the Blancos blockchain works, 3 ways it’s different from other play-to-earn games, 2 other crypto games I currently play and the fastest way to earn money in this game without investing.

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is an open-world PC game. This game contains Blankos that you can think of as digital Barbie Dolls or puppets that you can customize.

With these dolls or puppets, you can level them up and earn higher skills. These Blancos can be used to play games (another term is a party) and some examples of these games could be…

  • Shooting games
  • Racing
  • Collecting little gems
  • Tag
  • Block Mode (where you build stuff)
  • Party Bus (where you play games others have made)

Having all these different game modes (plus more being added) makes this play-to-earn game unique. There are also 3 different skill categories for each Blanco.

  • Trickster – Best for doing tricks
  • Speedster – Best for racing
  • Bruiser – Best for fighting

The team behind Blancos is Mythical that also helped create The Guitar Hero game (I love that game), Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft (WOW).

By the way, I played the “classic” WOW as an undead mage (power to the hoard) and had a “shit ton” of fun. Then WOW I heard went downhill.

At the time of this blog post, the game and the Mythical marketplace are still in beta. Beta means that something is NOT fully released and still in development (use at your own risk).

One of the things that make Blankos unique is that “any” player can create a game and a map. This “any” player can be you and you can invite friends.

What is “SO” cool about Blancos is that it’s NOT on Ethereum. It’s actually on a private blockchain build on EOSIO.

The challenge with Ethereum is gas prices can make it VERY expensive to move items. EOSIO is very similar to Ethereum in that it supports smart contracts. The token EOS runs on the blockchain EOSIO.

What is so interesting about EOSIO is that it raised 4 billion dollars when it launched in 2018, without a live product. Crazy right? Now “of course” it does have a live product and Blancos uses it.

The million-dollar question you may have is where are the items stored?

The game items including the Blancos are linked to each user’s account and stored on the EOSIO blockchain. The developers have also hinted at creating a bridge to Ethereum in the future.

How to Earn Money with Blankos?

You can earn money with Blankos through earning or buying NFT’s and then selling them. The third way is by joining the creator crew and getting paid to promote the game.

You might be wondering what’s the fastest and easiest way to earn the MOST money right? The funny thing is that it’s similar to many play-to-earn games and that is.

Do the Daily Challenges “everyday”

This is the same with God’s Unchained that I wrote a post about HERE and Axie Infinity that I wrote about HERE.

Doing the daily challenges allows you to earn the most money for your time.

Another way to earn money is with the Blancos Creator Crew. If you do live streams, Youtube videos, or have some following somewhere then you can earn rewards by talking about Blancos. It’s almost like affiliate marketing.

You can learn more about the Blancos Creator Crew from the link HERE.

The company behind Blankos called Mythical made it very easy to jump into the game and buy and sell these NFT’s.

Another thing that Mythical did that “I like” is create urgency with the Blankos. The company would market these Blankos for a limited time only for Blancos Bucks in the marketplace.

Once those Blankos were sold they could ONLY be purchased by another player and this is similar to domain name investing (I think).

If someone did purchase a Blanko they could resell it to another player for as much as they wanted. There are also only so many of each Blanko.

The scarcity and skins of a Blanko is one way you could make a profit with this game. The second way is if you level up the Blanko up.

You can level up this Blanko through daily quests or game modes that other players made.

Say, you purchase one for $20 and then level it up and give it some cool skills. Now, you can sell this Blanko for maybe $200. You might wonder why someone would spend SO much money on a Blanko.

Some people don’t have the patience or time to level up a character and would rather just spend the money. Oh, the marketplace I found on the website HERE, not on the application that you download. Damn, these Blankos are going for a lot of money.

Apart from these Blankos being traded in the marketplace, there are also items you can buy and sell.

Oh, there are also emotes that you can purchase (You know that make your doll cry or laugh).

All the factors below of an item or Blanko can impact the price.

  • Rarity.
  • Unboxed or boxed.
  • Is it part of a collection?
  • Does it look like something else that is very valuable?
  • Does it have a backstory?
  • Special numbers like 420,111,69 can sell for more money.

The best way to determine a price is what similar items are selling for (just like real estate). Also as soon as you unbox a Blanko there is no way to put it back in the box, just like in the real world.

Unboxing a Blanco can reduce the price of it.

The game Blankos uses 2 types of currencies – Blanko Bucks and MOOLA. Blanko Bucks can be purchased with real cash and used to buy other Blancos, items, and NFT’s.

MOOLA is money someone can earn in the game and be used for emotes, and to build items. Oh, and you can also trade Blanko Bucks (real cash) for MOOLA.


Blankos Block Party has a lot going for it. One great thing is that it’s easy to jump into and free to start. I recommend downloading the game HERE and giving it a try.

The main thing is you should have FUN playing it. We all only have 24 hrs in a day, so if you hate playing the game then maybe making the money isn’t as important.

I want to end this blog post with a story. Once there was a guy who thought crypto was stupid. Finally, he started looking into MANY projects.

Just one of these projects allowed him to retire from his day job if he wanted and spend his time doing whatever he wanted. The lesson is that it’s good to be open-minded. Check out this crypto project HERE, which I’m a big fan of.

I hope this post on can you earn money from Blancos Block Party was “a little” helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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