Gods Unchained – Good and Bad After 3 Months!

I’ve been playing Gods Unchained for around 3 months and I wanted to share the good and bad about the game.

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn digital card game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 2 ways to earn money with Gods Unchained: leveling up and completing tournaments.

Keep reading and I’ll share how to get started, the cost involved, and the best way to learn this game.

Good and Bad with Gods Unchained?

One of my favorite games of all time was Witcher 3. In Witcher 3 there was a card game called Gwent, which I loved. I honestly feel God’s Unchained is better than Gwent.

Maybe it’s because I’m playing against actual people, but Gods Unchained is a fun game. Plus, you can actually OWN your cards and can sell them on a marketplace.

I also really love how the developers force you to play with different decks.

After you win 3 matches with 1 god you have to play with 2 other random gods to earn Flux. Flux is a currency that allows you to take ownership of a card in the game.

Each god has different cards and special abilities.

The best part of the game is that it gives me short breaks from working and yet I still feel productive. Each game usually lasts 10-15 minutes, so they are not too short or too long.

You might be wondering about the negatives with the game.

I don’t see too many negatives, if I had to choose it would be the confusion of owning cards. From the website and forums, it seems like you own every card, but that isn’t the case.

You can only own the card when you fuse it with something called Flux that you get in the game. You also need 2 of a card to create 1 you own on the blockchain.

The other negative I could pick would be the game is fairly basic. You can play your cards against another person or 1 computer AI for training. There isn’t much of a story or PVE.

The developers could expand on this.

How to Earn Money with Gods Unchained

The first way to earn money with this game is by leveling up. When you level up you collect packs and each pack contains cards.

The best part of the game is you don’t know what is in each pack, so there is a gambling addiction to find out what cards are in the pack you get.

The MOST expensive card ever sold on Gods Unchained was called “Atlas” and sold for 210 Ether. At the time of the blog post would be $507,299 dollars.

Even if you win 0 matches you will level up just for playing and get cards. If you win you level up FASTER and thus earn more packs.

The game also has something called weekend ranked events. These events run from Friday 4 AM to Monday 4 AM Pacific Standard Time.

This is why you want to win games because your rank goes up. The higher your rank the more rewards you can earn during the weekend.

Above are the 12 ranks of the game. As you start to win matches a meter begins to fill up. When it reaches 100 your rank will go up by 1 level.

If you start to lose matches, your shield begins to receive damage. If there are 4 cracks to the shield you will go down in rank or the white bar will drop.

If you have filled up the bar beyond the white line, you’ll still lose a chunk of progress when your shield shatters, but you won’t drop a rank.

You can read about weekend ranked events by clicking on the link HERE.

At the time of this blog post, I’m currently level 26 and haven’t tried listing a card for sale yet. Immutable isn’t the only place to sell cards. Here are 2 other places that might be better.

Token Trove


Opensea is a VERY popular platform for NFT’s but there are some scams and I wrote a blog post about them HERE.

To see what cards you can sell all you have to do is go to the forge. Every card listed you can sell because you have more than 2 of them.

I have 78 cards I can sell, but I also need Flux to sell them.

Another important thing about the game is how rare a card is. Notice the gray color next to the names of these cards? These are common cards and they don’t sell for a lot.

These cards below have gold next to their names. This means they are legendary cards and sell for MUCH higher.

There are also 2 other ranks called rare and epic. Rare is blue color next to the name and epic is purple next to the name.

How to Get Started with Gods Unchained

To get started just download the game and you can do that from this link HERE. You don’t even have to buy anything.

After you download the game the best place to learn how to play is by watching the 5 videos below. They are a great foundation.

After watching these videos the next part is to play a lot and always be improving your deck.

You can learn a lot from your opponent. For example, I never knew my light gods heal ability could heal my god until my opponent did it.

The best way to learn is to play a lot.

Future Plans of the Game

When I first started playing the game, the marketplace sucked due to gas fees. Now that Gods Unchained moved to Immutable X, which is a side chain of Ethereum where there are “gas-free” transactions.

This is a game-changer for the game.

Gas fees can be VERY expensive on Ethereum, so being able to buy and sell cards without that gas fee really makes a difference.

The next big thing Gods Unchained is working on is being able to play the game on a phone. This will of course grow the game a lot since everyone has a phone in the world.

Another big thing the development team is working on is bigger tournaments with bigger prize money.

Gods Unchained isn’t the MOST popular crypto game, but it’s a lot of fun and that is the most important part. The most popular crypto and play-to-earn game goes to Axie Infinity.

The problem with Axie Infinity is that it costs at least a few hundred dollars to even get started. You can read more about Axie Infinity by clicking on the link HERE.

I hope this blog post on Gods Unchained the good and bad was helpful to you. Have a nice day.


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