What is the Difference Between Blogging and Guest Posting?

There seems to be so many ways to earn money online that it can make your head spin right? You might be thinking of getting into blogging or would guest posting be better? Heck, what about Youtube or Podcasting right? Fear not, I have a unique way to tackle these questions.

Blogging is when you write words on a website you own and guest posting is when you write words on a website someone else owns.

Keep reading and I’ll share what guest posting really is, the pros and cons of both of them, 10 places to submit guest posts, and my overall content marketing battleplan.

What is Guest Posting and is it Worth It?

Guest posting is when you repurpose your written content on other websites. It can be VERY MUCH worth it.

You might be wondering how it can help you. One way it helps is it forces you to put links in your blog post to related articles. This is called interlinking and it does help your posts with getting seen in the search engines.

Then when you post an article on another website some of those people will click a link and check out your website.

This is the reason I would do it for MORE visitors to my website.

Backlinking is “A whole other” story. Funny, I got started in internet marketing over 10 years ago with a program called “Backlink Battleplan” and I could rank anything by spamming backlinks.

Then came the Google updates and all my rankings vanished. I don’t focus on building backlinks anymore and I don’t worry about them.

Instead, I believe it’s WAY WAY better to focus on creating better (more helpful) content. If your content is more helpful than the competition you will win. If you try to manipulate Google (they are smarter) you will lose.

I know I was big into black hat techniques and I lost.

The only reason I do links is to have human people visit my blog. The more people who visit my blog = more money.

One more point is if you do guest posting, I would choose opportunities where you can also post on your website. Basically, you only have upside when guest posting and NO downside = no brainer decision!

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Pros and Cons of Blogging vs Guest Posting?

The largest pro to blogging on your website is you own the content. You have more control over it, it’s more secure and you can always sell the website in the future for money. I wrote a post about selling a website HERE.

If you just do guest posting and you don’t have a website then you’re at the mercy of someone else. This is riskier and less secure.

The benefit of guest posting is if you post on a website that has a lot of visitors then you will get views. There really isn’t any downside to guest posting as long as you can post to your own website.

I recommend the strategy of doing both, posting on your own website and also doing guest posting for more traffic to your website.

If you are going to do guest posting there should be a way for a visitor to reach your website for it to be worth your time and effort.

You might be wondering if it’s a good idea to allow other people to post on your website. I think this is a good idea as long as you can post it on their website. This way you both get traffic and both win.

You can also do this with email by promoting each other’s email lists, Youtube channels, and more if you want!

The main thing is you want helpful content on your site and that is the “north star” I would ensure.

Where to Guest Post?

The list below is aimed at the make money online niche. I mostly made the list for myself, so I can reference it where to post. If you are in another niche, then I would recommend doing a Google search of “where to submit a guest post – Your Niche”

Wiki Guest Post



Linkedin – click on article when you go to make a post.

Quora – You want to create a Space and post in the space. Yes, it gets traffic!


Get Response – Good for marketing-related posts.

Social Media Examiner

Marketing Profs


Should I focus on Vlogging, Podcasting, Blogging, Email, or Social Media?

The answer is “all of the above.” Making money online is all about 2 things.

  • Getting traffic
  • Earning money from the traffic

We as humans tend to make things more complicated than they really are right? I prefer to start with a blog post and then use it to create other forms of content for MORE traffic.

This is called leverage in business and this means getting more done with less effort. I’m a big fan of this because I’m lazy!

All that traffic points to my blog post where I monetize with ads, affiliate offers, and of course email.

It’s that simple!

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid!

What makes this business fun is the flexibility. If you don’t like 1 traffic source such as Youtube or Tiktok you don’t have to use it.

You also have the freedom of creating content on whatever you want to talk about.


If I had to start over again I would recommend checking this out HERE.

The reason why is because you’re starting at the end and working backward. He has a unique way of converting traffic that I guarantee “if you use” will help A LOT.

Then when you actually do roll up your sleeves to get the traffic it’s going to be like putting gasoline on a fire.

I know because I’ve used his methods for many years.

Another thing that I have to mention because it often gets overlooked is the easiest way to actually earn money probably is to take bills you are already spending money on and reducing them.

This page HERE has some interesting ways of doing this and I bet some you never thought of.

I hope this post on guest posting and blogging was helpful to you, bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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