Is the Promote Feature on Tiktok Worth It? (The Free Way?)

Since Tiktok has been great for me, I was curious about the promote feature and if it was worth it. I did some digging about it and discovered some really cool things I wanted to share.

The promote feature on Tiktok is only worth it if you earn more money than the cost!

Keep reading and I’ll share exactly what the promote feature does, how to increase the chance it will be worth it for an online and offline business if it’s better than paid Tiktok ads, and lastly 3 free ways to promote your Tiktok.

What is the Promote Feature on Tiktok?

The promote is a paid feature on Tiktok where you’re video will turn into an advertisement and you pay money for it to be seen.

If you wanted to promote a video you created you would first have to make a video. Then you would go to your profile and hit the 3 lines in the upper right corner. Next, click on the creator tools button.

With creator tools, you can see the promote button and you would hit that.

Then you would choose a video and decide what the goal would be such as website visits, views, followers. The ONLY thing that matters is website visits.

You might be wondering what the price is and the cheapest I found was $5 a day. So if you spent $10 Tiktok says that my video would get an extra 855 – 2,890 views. At most I would get 289 views for $1.

How many people see the video depends on who Tiktok decides to show the video to. Videos about topics that have lots of advertising would be more expensive than topics that nobody advertises about.

You can either use cash to get the views or Tiktok has a special currency called coins and a cheaper place to buy the coins would be HERE.

How to Make the Promote Feature Worth It?

The way to make the promote feature worth it is to spend the least amount of money and extract the MOST value from the ad.

Being frugal (a.k.a. cheap ass) is very “good” in business. If you are going to spend money for views you just have to make sure your “call to action” sends someone to a website you own.

That website REALLY should be a landing page, where you collect an email address. Then you would use that email address to promote “multiple” offers to that 1 lead, years into the future.

In all honesty, it’s probably better just to invest more time creating free BETTER videos!

If you “really” want to buy views you get more views for your money with Tiktok Advertising HERE. All you have to do is sign up.

Still, if you’re serious the right training can REALLY help and I like this place HERE, because it goes over paid advertising and how to get more traffic for free.

Getting traffic is ONLY half of the battle you have to convert that traffic into cash. In order to do the copywriting for emails, I would recommend a free eBook I created HERE.

When it comes to the autoresponder this one HERE, I use and you can get started for Free, and it includes a free landing page (free is good).

Oh, and just building a list in ANY niche can be valuable because you can sell the list in the future if you wanted.

Lastly, if you’re a brick-and-mortar store, I would recommend doing coupons to get people in your door and I wrote a post about how to do it HERE.

Is There a Free Way to Promote Content?

There are a few “really” cool ideas on promoting stuff for free. This is what I “highly” recommend and currently do, at least until you’re earning money!

If you’re NOT earning money I don’t recommend ANY paid ads, because you can really hurt yourself (I’ve been there).

Paid ads is like putting gasoline on a fire, if there is NO fire buying gasoline doesn’t help!

The first way to promote content for FREE, is by leveraging the content you have already created. Leverage means to do MORE with less effort (I love this because I’m lazy and a cheap guy).

For example, I would start with a blog post. Then take the same blog post and post it on other platforms such as Linkedin Articles, Medium, and Quora.

Then use some of that blog post to create a Youtube video. The sound from the video can then be turned into a podcast and uploaded to Anchor.FM.

You could even take ideas from your content to create short Tiktok and Instagram videos. If you really geek out you could leverage your content more, such as answering similar topics in Quora or Forums, or creating an eBook from your articles, uploading your Youtube to a Linkedin post or Facebook post but you get the idea.

You just want to use the work you “already” created MORE.

The second idea to promote your content for free is with this site HERE. This is a website where everyone helps each other out. You do things for others and they will do things for you. If you promote others people’s content they will promote yours.

The third way is just making “better’ videos on Tiktok. One idea that I just discovered that I “should do” is whatever niche you’re in sign up for Google Alerts. Then when a story is trending, create content around that topic.

Do you see how you’re riding the wave of energy that is already there? Another idea is to include the green screen and have the image that is trending in the background.

To access the green screen you first hit the BIG plus button at the bottom. Then you would hit the trending button and then hit the green screen button in the list. Then you would simply upload a picture of whatever it is you’re talking about that is trending.

Another idea, is to find videos in your niche that are doing very well. Then what you want to do is use similar hashtags and length in your video. Basically, learn from videos in your niche that are doing WELL because they are the ultimate teacher.

All Tiktok cares about is keeping people on the platform, so it pushes videos to other people in the niche that they think are similar.

The last ideas include having a hook (reason for someone to watch your video) in the beginning, a story, and a call to action at the end. Shorter videos are also going to be better.

In the end, doing something is better than “nothing” so don’t feel everything has to be perfect, quantity has a certain type of quality to it.

Also, there is a point when too much quality is attached to someone’s ego. I think ALL creators know what I’m talking about when you overthink everything and nothing gets done.


The promote feature is designed to make Tiktok money so just be VERY careful if you decide to use it. If you’re not seeing positive results make sure to stop running the advertisement ASAP.

Also, if you want to earn some fast cash online to help pay for some of the training I mentioned earlier this place HERE I earned “at least” $100 VERY easily, so you could check it out, maybe it can help.

As I’m writing this post Tiktok’s CEO is answering questions from Congress and there are concerns with the future of the app.

I also heard a sad story about a kid who build his entire business on Tiktok and if the app gets banned there goes his business.

I think it’s not healthy to fully depend on any 1 platform. I use and recommend “as many” platforms as you can that way you’re NOT as needy and dependent on 1.

It’s another reason I like a blog because I OWN the blog. It’s also good to build an email list because you OWN the list.

If Tiktok does go away it doesn’t mean anything because the viewers will just go someplace else such as Youtube shorts or Instagram.

Lastly, if you’re interested in earning money online with affiliate marketing I did create a free eBook HERE that I feel can be very helpful.

I hope this post on Tiktok, might have been helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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