Is High Ticket Affiliate Offers Worth It?

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are MANY kinds of offers to promote such as low ticket items, CPA, residual and high ticket. You might be wondering what type of offer is the best to promote and when you should be promoting them!

Having a few high ticket affiliate offers can be VERY helpful to a marketer and the consumer!

Keep reading and I’ll share why it’s good to have high ticket offers, the #1 skill a marketer should have when to be promoting all types of offers, and 18 ideas for offers you could earn money with.

Why Should I Promote a High Ticket Affiliate Offer?

The reason is that you have to sell 50 $20 affiliate offers to equal 1 $1,000 affiliate offer.

You just want to put the math in your favor when it comes to affiliate marketing and high ticket offers can help!

Of course, they are also good for the consumer as long as you believe in what you’re marketing. This brings me to the ethical part that every marketer has to think about.

To the best of my knowledge, I use every single one of the products I promote. You just want to make sure you feel good about the offers you put out in the world.

For example, I hate Debt and don’t believe it’s good for ANY reason. So, I would not promote credit card offers that put someone into debt no matter how much I could earn.

Having empathy might just be the most important skill a marketer has.

You have to make the decision on what to promote and NOT promote. It’s also ok to have no expensive products and you might earn the same amount of money if they convert much higher.

High ticket offers are sometimes called deep sales because they are usually deep in the funnel.

You could think of a high ticket item like marriage and the front-end offer like a coffee date. If you start with marriage then you could scare someone away, right?

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Starting small helps build a relationship and gets the ball rolling.

In affiliate marketing, high ticket items can be a few thousand dollars or even $100 depending on your definition.

The Right Structure of Affiliate Offers?

There are many different ways to promote offers. It’s true you almost always earn more money when thinking long-term right?

With affiliate marketing how can we think long term?

One idea is to use email marketing to promote different offers to one person. If you know what you’re doing this can work! You can learn how to do this by clicking the link HERE.

My preferred way is through email because you own the list. You can also send “multiple” promo offers to one person.

The OLD saying in internet marketing is…

“the money is in the list.”

If you know what you’re doing you could also promote something in every single email. If you do this wrong you can annoy people.

When it comes to the structure I like to promote a wide variety of products through email. Low ticket items upfront this is like a coffee date with someone. You just want to make sure the product is VERY good.

Next, is residual income products. These are great because you can earn money in the future for the work you did 1 time. Lastly, the high ticket offers or what is called deep sales can be great.

Having email is great and this place HERE gives you a free landing page. The trick is to stay with the FREE plan for as long as possible, heck mine is still FREE.

Another way to think long-term is with blogging. With a blog post, you can get traffic for years to come and you do the work 1 time. Plus you own the blog!

You can stick affiliate offers directly in the post earning money every month. Plus, you can promote your landing page in the blog.

What I like to do is use a variety of traffic methods to promote a blog post plus I get traffic from search engines. In the post, I would also promote affiliate offers, a landing page, and I earn money from advertisements.

This is the Antifragile method so I’m not dependent on anything. If I make 0 sales I still earn through ads, plus I learn about the stuff I’m blogging about so I win.

In business, you want VERY little risk and a HUGE upside!

High Ticket Affiliate Offer Ideas?

One idea that I’m a fan of is a franchise for affiliate marketing. What I mean is some places allow you to license all the material and use it as your own.

With this offer HERE. I keep 100% of nearly all the commissions. The high ticket offers I have to part with some of the money to the creator, but to me, it’s worth it.

There really are SO many affiliate programs that you can be picky and choose only the BEST ones. I’ll provide some ideas to give you hope that you can be choosy.

  • Shopify Affiliate Program – Pays $50 to $3,000 dollars. Here is a link to look at the commission structure.
  • Hosting Affiliate program – I like and use this one here and it pays $50 – $200 per referral.
  • Online Education – These are great because there is no overhead and you can earn a lot! The tricky part is the education should be better than anything someone can Google. This one HERE is the one I really like and use.
  • Autoresponder Affiliate Program. These are good because you can earn money every month. This HERE is the one I use.
  • 2 Tier Affiliate Programs – An example of this would be Builderall. You earn money when someone you recruit earns money. Almost like an MLM, but it’s 2 – tier.
  • CryptoCurrency – There is a variety here. I really like these program HERE and I get residual income. There are exchanges that pay a lot.
  • Investment – I’m a BIG fan of this network HERE that has CPA offers for investment products. This means they pay $24 to $35 just for a lead. Some of these investment products would be putting Bitcoin into an IRA and Acorns that invests the change.
  • ClickFunnels – Earn residual income for every signup. If you use it and love it then sure (I don’t).
  • Gold – This company HERE pays $100 per lead and a percentage of the sell.
  • Travel – I wrote a post about this one HERE. It’s a network that has over 90 travel affiliate programs!
  • App downloads – Honey app pays $4 a download. Not a high ticket offer, but test it out maybe it will outperform the high ticket offers. Everything comes down to testing.
  • – Private jets and you can get profit sharing. You can learn more at this link HERE.
  • Business Loans – This one HERE pays 50% of revenue. There is a lot of money in loans and it’s up to you if you want to market these products.
  • BigCommerce – pays a lot of money and you can learn more HERE. It helps people build an online store.
  • Squarespace – Everyone wants a home business. If you tie this with hosting, autoresponder, and training you can make some great money.
  • Gambling – The house always wins, so why not become the house right? This one HERE does pay a lot.
  • Insurance – This one HERE pays $15 per lead and has a long cookie duration, which is good.
  • Smart Home / Repair – Due to Covid many people dumped money into their homes. Not a bad trend to get into right? Especially if you love the show Home Improvement! This site HERE isn’t bad and there are some nice CPA offers for the home niche.
  • – Have to mention but they barely pay, but it’s better than nothing right?

There are TONS more ideas when it comes to offers. Nearly every company does have an affiliate program. Hopefully, I got the juices flowing to your brain on what is possible and maybe sparked 1 idea.

Of course, ideas mean nothing everything is execution and action.


When it comes to picking affiliate offers sometimes the low ticket items convert much better than the high ticket items and you earn more.

You just don’t know and why taking action and testing things is the foundation of marketing. If it costs you NO money to test something out then you really don’t have anything to lose.

Another thing is it’s healthy to want to earn more money. The easiest money you probably will earn is by taking bills you’re already spending money on and cutting them in half.

This link HERE has some interesting ideas on this and I bet some you have never thought about.

I hope this blog post on high ticket offers was helpful to you. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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