How to Use Facebook Instant Articles – Blogger Weighs In!

Facebook is the leading social media platform with 2.74 Billion users. They also have a program called Instant Articles that are making some people “a lot” of money. You might be wondering how you can cash in right?

You can earn money with Instant Articles from ads, putting links to your website, other articles, and advertise an opt-in page.

Keep reading and I’ll share what makes Instant Articles powerful, how to qualify, and 3 tips to get more traffic to your affiliate offers with little work.

What is Facebook Instant Articles?

What makes Facebook instant articles unique is that on your newsfeed instead of clicking on an article and going to a website, they “instantly” open up.

This helps with speed hence the name “instant.”

With a regular article on Facebook it can take 5 seconds to load. This may not sound like a lot, but it is.

An instant article has a lightning bolt next to it and it’s instant. Facebook says they are 4.9 times faster than a normal article. According to Unamo 70%, more readers are more likely to read the content with 30% more shares.

The truth is a TINY portion of businesses and bloggers use Instant Articles!

Another benefit is you can earn money from advertising with Instant Articles. There is greater reach and engagement on Facebook because more people are likely to share it.

Videos can also automatically play in the article.

How to Use Instant Articles

The best way to use this service is to first publish the post on your OWN blog first. Yes, you do need your own website to use Instant Articles.

Then you would publish the article on Facebook’s service. You’re probably wondering how YOU would benefit from this right?

For starters, you can earn money from the ads Facebook shows. The cool part is you keep 100% of the direct-sold ad revenue.

The second benefit is Facebook allows you to put an opt-in box for email marketing on your Facebook Page. When I first got started in affiliate marketing 100 Years ago (ok more like 10 years ago), email marketing was EASY.

Well, things have changed.

The truth is you can send TONS of emails a day if you do it right. You can also outsource your email marketing to someone who knows what they are doing.

There is only 1 person I recommend to learn copywriting and you can learn more by clicking the link HERE. I wish I knew about this when I first got started.

The third benefit is you can put links in your articles. Yes, these links can lead to articles on your blog or to other Facebook articles.

Both can be of benefit to you.

The bad news is there are some requirements you need to have to use this service.

Facebook Instant Articles Requirements!

The first requirement is you need to have a blog. The great thing about a blog is the business is fairly black and white. This means if you know what you’re doing with search analysis you will know how to get the traffic and you can even estimate how much traffic you will get.

I recommend starting HERE because it’s a good foundation. These marketers “passed me up like I was a turtle.”

I humbled myself and learned from them.

If you can’t beat them you join them right?

Now, you have your blog the next step is to have a Facebook Page. According to Lester who has more experience with Instant Articles than I do, It’s best to have a few hundred followers and some likes.

The articles on your website you can post to your blog.

The last step is you need to give Facebook 10 articles so they can see how good you are.

If you do fail, then you can always just reapply.

3 Tips to Get MORE Views from Articles!

One of the best tips I’ve received lately on blogging is to take a blog you put on your website and simply post it on other popular sites.

A duplicate copy penalty doesn’t exist, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The way to get people back to your blog is to put links in your article to other blog posts you wrote! Another reason this is SO helpful is that it forces you to interlink your content.

This means people stay on your website longer, which helps with ad revenue and rankings because Google likes to see this.

Oh, and you get MORE traffic from other sources.

The first place I would start with is LinkedIn Articles that has 775 million users, plus they can rank in the search engines.

All you do is copy your blog post and paste it into Linkedin articles. The media such as pictures and videos you have to manually paste on it. It literally takes under 1 minute.

The next place to submit your article for MORE views is Quora, which has 300 million users. I actually created a blog post that shares TONS of tips on using a Quora Space and you can check it out HERE.

Keep in mind both of these platforms are like search engines where TONS of viewers will discover your content and your blog.

The third place is Medium, which has 60 million users. Oh, and I forget to mention you can earn ad revenue on ALL these platforms to make EVEN more money. Cool right?

Lastly, there are many other formats you can use for your article such as video marketing with Youtube. Youtube is more tricky than podcasting because lots of views don’t come from search.

HERE is all the places Youtube views come from and it’s a lot. Another place you can get traffic is with podcasting and the 2 places I recommend is and Soundcloud because they are free. Lastly, there are even other places such as Slideshare and ebooks if you want to leverage your work even more.


When it comes to using Facebook Instant Articles the real question is why not? It’s only going to help you.

Another reason I REALLY like posting articles on other places is it diversifies your traffic. It’s very risky to count on ONLY 1 place for all your traffic because things change.

The way to stay afloat is to have multiple traffic sources, just like it’s a good idea to have multiple assets that give you income. If one income asset goes down you still have others!

I hope this blog post on how to use Facebook Instant Articles was helpful. Bye for now. Oh, and you sign up for this Facebook service by clicking on the link HERE.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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