How Much is a Twitter Account with 1000 Followers Worth?

My favorite social media platform might just be Twitter, so I was curious about ALL the different ways to earn money from it. Maybe you have a following on Twitter and wondered how you could monetize it and much it’s worth!

A Twitter account with 1000 followers is worth anywhere from 0 to thousands of dollars a month!

Keep reading and I’ll share why I love Twitter, 3 ways to earn money from it, how I grew an account to over 5,000 followers, and how many followers the average Twitter account has.

Why Twitter is an Awesome Social Media Tool?

What makes Twitter so cool is there is a 280-character limit. This forces someone to cut the bullshit and ONLY include stuff that is super valuable.

I would compare it to football where in a season there are only 17 games and in baseball, there are 162 games.

Since there are ONLY 17 games in Football each game is more important and thus gets more attention.

You could also say Twitter is the modern-day town square. This town square is power and as the saying goes…

With Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Stan Lee

Twitter can be both good and bad depending on how you use it. There are 2 ways to build a tall tower.

  • Just build a tall tower.
  • Tear other towers down so yours is the tallest.

Just know that if other people want to tear you down (hate on you) this is good because it means you have a tall tower.

I also (do my best) to feel bad for haters because they must be in a bad state of mind to tear someone else down.

As marketers or merchants, we can use this town square to trade goods and earn cash (which is what I want to use it for). I’m focused on the positive and NOT the negative.

How to Earn Cash from Twitter

To make things super simple there are 3 ways to earn money from Twitter. The first way is to work for someone that pays you to perform tasks on Twitter.

This includes tweeting, responding to messages, engaging with others, and just being social. This place HERE will connect you to places that have these types of jobs.

The coolest part is the scheduling can be VERY flexible, you can do it anywhere and the commute is great since you don’t have to travel far. Oh, and the pay isn’t too bad as you can see HERE.

The second way to earn money on Twitter is to think more long-term. Funny, enough Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon has a 10,000-year clock in a mountain to remind him to think long-term on stuff.

There is MORE money when you think long-term about things.

One way you could think long-term is to preplan your tweets. Then use a tool to automatically tweet them out.

Ok, I know what you might be thinking and that is how do you get paid from the tweets?

E-40 Shimmy GIF by Apple Music - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Tweets can be used to get more views on your Youtube videos, blog posts, articles, podcasts, and other channels you have.

You could use those channels to earn money with advertisers and affiliate offers. Affiliate marketing is great because when someone clicks on a link and buys something you get paid.

There are even offers where if someone fills out a form or gives their email address you earn money and this is called “lead generation.”

Sadly, the tool I used to use (and LOVED) disappeared, but the next best thing is this one HERE.

The reason I like this tool is that you can set it up once and forget about it (nice right?) It recycles your posts! With other tools, you have to go in every 1-2 weeks and tell it what to post again (too much work).

Since your tweets disappear “quickly” it’s ok to recycle them.

The good news (and bad news) is you can use it for other social media platforms to automate your posting. To keep things simple I would ONLY focus on Twitter to start with.

Then after you master 1 platform you can move on to another (if you want to).

You might be thinking that you don’t have a blog, Youtube channel, podcast, or anything how else would you earn money with it?

Well, some affiliate links work with Twitter and some don’t. If an affiliate offer doesn’t work you could always link it to a Linkedin article (It’s free) and then connect your Twitter post to it.

With my Twitter account, I use a mixture of Youtube videos, blog posts, quotes, helpful tips, funny stuff, and then an affiliate offer.

If you’re not sure how to promote something online “I strongly” recommend checking out a FREE eBook I created HERE on affiliate marketing.

I’ve been doing it for over 10 years and I share some stuff that I feel can be helpful.

More cool stuff is you probably can have more than 1 Twitter account and this means more money in your pocket. Each Twitter account does need an email address and another place to get this email address is right HERE.

Marketing is JUST math. So many people reject your offer, so many people accept it and you get paid. The more people who reject it the better because you will earn more.

The third way to earn money with Twitter is to go to the town square and wait for someone to complain about something.

Ok, there is a better way than waiting and that is to use a cool free tool right HERE.

With this tool, you can spy on ALL conversations. Simply type in phrases that someone in your target audience would be complaining about.

For example, if I were marketing a product that helped someone in affiliate marketing, try the phrases “affiliate marketing sucks,” or “making no money with affiliate marketing.”

Then find the post and leave a comment saying something like “I felt the same way, but I found something that worked and I’m excited because it works DM me for info.”

When they DM (direct message) you then simply give them the affiliate link.

Do you see how this is more of a pull way of marketing rather than pushing something on someone who isn’t interested?

You’re finding the interest first, then simply messaging something that can help!

I know this is more of a hustle (which is why I prefer the tool that tweets) but if you combine this with a landing page and email marketing you can do some serious damage.

It’s also FREE!

Before the Internet, I used to have to call people (I’m an old fucker)!

Oh, you might be wondering how to get followers on Twitter!

How Hard is it to Get 1000 Followers on Twitter?

It’s not difficult to get 1000 real followers on Twitter with discipline each day. You could buy followers, but that’s not helpful.

There are a variety of ways to get followers, but a great way to get followers in a certain niche is every day wake up and follow 30 people per Twitter account you are growing.

Some of those people will follow you back and over time you will have a list of targeted followers interested in a certain niche. This is what I did and look where I ended up!

The way to find people who are interested in a niche is to first find the leaders in that niche. Every niche has certain leaders or influencers.

If you were marketing a product for affiliate marketers you could look for John Crestani for example and find all the people following him and start following ALL those people.

You click on the followers button (where the red arrow is pointing to) and Twitter will show “everyone” who is following that person. Then follow ALL those people!

Another leader in the affiliate marketing niche would be Affiliate Marketing Dude, for example and do the same thing.

Each industry has certain leaders and you want to follow those people. When I used to purchase telephone numbers (a long time ago) this was called a buyer list. This was the best list because they were proven to be interested in something.

Some of those people will not follow you back (give them a few weeks) and you can use this free tool HERE to unfollow them.

There are other ways to get targeted followers, but this is the easiest sure way I’ve found. Plus, you will naturally gain followers if you post helpful stuff!

Is 1000 Twitter Followers a lot?

Having 1,000 Twitter followers is slightly above average across all accounts. When it comes to accounts that posted something in the last 30 days the average is 61 followers.

Statistics are all over the place when it comes to Twitter, I got the average account with 61 followers from this source HERE.

If you have more than 61 followers that are real in a certain niche that is VERY good. Give yourself credit.

Heck if you have 10 good followers, give yourself credit.

We as humans love to compare ourselves to others and beat each other up. It’s one of the reasons why social media can be bad is feeling like shit comparing ourselves to others.

Everyone is on a different level and wherever you are that is good, just keep improving and enjoy the level you are on.

It’s healthy NOT to judge other people, compare yourself to others and just stay in a cacoon.


Twitter is an amazing platform and no wonder Elon Musk WAY overpaid for it. If you are interested in earning money online check out a free eBook I created here.

I hope this blog post about Twitter and earning money from it was helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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