How Do I Use God’s Token? 4 Ways and Scams!

Gods Unchained combines 2 of my most popular activities, earning money and playing card games. It’s actually free to start and they just recently released a token called the Gods Token.

The Gods Token is used to purchase packs of cards, vote on proposals, make proposals, earn staking rewards and they can be used to craft cards.

Keep reading and I’ll share more on how the token is used, how the game has been growing, 2 ways to get the God Token, the most popular Gods for winning, and the leading God Power!

4 Uses for the Gods Token?


One of the greatest selling points to Gods Unchained is the cards you earn “you own.” This means you can even sell or trade your cards to other players for money (just like in the real world).

The way to do this is the Forge. Now, it’s not easy as you may think because in order to own a card you need 2 of the same cards in your deck.

You also need a currency called FLUX that you earn in the game. Oh, and you also NEED God Tokens in order to own a card. Now you’re wondering how much right?

Type of CardGod Tokens NeededFlux NeededColor
Common 0.1 God Tokens20Grey
Rare0.3 God Tokens40Blue
Epic0.7 God Tokens120Purple
Legendary1.5 God Tokens200Yellow

These amounts are subject to change. You might be wondering what the hell is the difference between the cards?

Do you notice the grey next to the name of the card? This means it’s a common card.

In the picture below you will notice Yellow next to the name. This means these cards are “legendary” and sell for MUCH higher. Legendary also means you need more FLUX and God Tokens to create.

Rare cards have blue next to their name and Epic cards use the purple color.


The second use of the God Token is with staking. If you’re not sure what staking is I wrote a blog post HERE that I hope explains why projects do this and how it’s different than proof of work.

In a nutshell, you deposit your tokens and earn tokens from them (cool right)? It’s almost like earning interest from a savings account at a bank.

At the time of this blog post staking isn’t enabled, so I have no idea how much you earn or how to do it. The developers are planning on enabling staking later in the year 2022.


The third use for the Gods Token is that for governance. This means you can vote on proposals and make your voice heard. You can also make proposals on things that you want to be changed with the game.

Buying Stuff

There are many different things you can buy with the Gods Token and one is card packs. I got to admit I feel a little like a drug addict when I go to open a pack of cards because something special can be inside.

Pills GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Also if you go to the marketplace on the Gods Unchained website, then you can buy and sell cards using the God Tokens. On a side note, you can use any NFT marketplace to buy cards for this game even the most popular one called Opensea.

The problem with Opensea is there are some scams on the marketplace and I wrote a blog post about them HERE.

How do I Get the Gods Token?

There are 2 ways to get the Gods Token and that is through an exchange and by earning it by playing the game Gods Unchained.

You got to admit something sounds cool about the “gods token” not a mere mortal token, but one that is fit for a god.

Unfortunately the Gods Token is still a “baby god” token and not very popular. It’s still new and many of the major exchanges don’t have it for sale. Oh, and there is a total supply of 500 million of these tokens and around 23 million in circulation.

The good news is you can find it by going to the exchange Kucoin HERE, which I’ve used a lot. I know it’s a good exchange.

Other exchanges that have it would be Bybit, Bitget, FTX, and OKX.

In the Game

‌According to the whitepaper HERE (page 17 talks more on this), 34% of the total supply of God Tokens will be reserved for being earned playing the game.

They will be rewarded in the following ways.

  • Weekend Rewards Ranked
  • Daily Token Reward System
  • Quests
  • Seasonal Rewards
  • Tournaments

Is Gods Unchained Dead?

Gods Unchained is far from dead and has been growing in popularity. In January 2021 there were 1,625 weekly active players and in January 2022 there are over 80,000.

As you can see from the chart, users, volume and transactions have all been increasing towards the end of 2021.

Now, the million-dollar question is how long will users continue with God’s Unchained? There is a lot of competition when it comes to gaming.

I’ve been guilty of playing Gods Unchained for a while and then jumping the train to play Monster Train.

Best Gods Unchained God?

According to a poll on Reddit the most popular god in Gods Unchained is Nature. Next are War, Death, Magic, Deception, and light.

Funny, my favorite deck is actually light. It depends on if you get powerful cards attached to a certain god.

Oh, and for more ideas on what decks are winning you can check out this site HERE.

As for what God’s power has the greatest win rate it’s actually Mage Bolt.

If you really want to geek out you can check out the full list HERE.


A fun fact is one of the very first crypto exchanges was called Mt. Gox and it was based in Japan. Around 2010 – 2013 it handled around 80% of all Bitcoin transactions. Originally Mt. Gox was used to trade Magic the Gathering Cards online.

Gods Unchained does plan on being released to mobile and I feel “that” will help it grow EVEN more. There is a lot of positive stuff going on with this game and I’m VERY bullish on it.

The challenge with play-to-earn games is the fun factor has to compete with other games. This is a personal taste to each person.

It’s similar to eating food! Even if the food is “super” healthy it’s hard to eat if it doesn’t taste good.

The good news is God’s Unchained is free to start and easy to get into. I would recommend giving it a try (you have nothing to lose). To learn some beginner tips I would recommend checking this out HERE.

Another challenge with play-to-earn games is they don’t pay a lot of money! Sure, you can earn a little money at times, but it’s not going to replace your day job anytime soon. It’s almost like they sell the perception that you can earn money (at least from my experience).

Who knows maybe you will get lucky and get some “insanely” expensive cards when you first start!

I want to end with a story. There once was a guy who started playing golf. His golf swing was “insanely” basic and there was not a lot of moving parts to it. The good news is he hit the ball straight EVERY time.

Then he tried to improve on it and ended up hitting the ball far off to the side.

The lesson is sometimes the basics and “things that are simple” provide the greatest rewards. It’s the same with crypto and this basic thing HERE has made me a lot of money.

I hope this blog post on the Gods Token was helpful to you. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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