Can Youtube Shorts Hurt Your Channel?

Youtube shorts are a nifty new way to create content and you might be wondering if it can hurt your channel. Maybe, it’s better to create 1 channel JUST for shorts? You also might be wondering about the pros and cons of using them.

Youtube shorts usually don’t hurt your channel because the new viewers you get outweigh viewers who unsubscribe from not liking your shorts!

Keep reading and I’ll share what a Youtube short is and how the algorithm (ranking factor) works. I’ll also share 3 nifty tips for using Youtube shorts!

What is a Youtube Short?

A youtube short is a short 1-minute version of a video. Youtube wanted to compete with Tiktok and Instagram stories, so they are enabling short 1 minute videos on their platform.

I guess attention spans are getting shorter!

How to create a Youtube short is by making a vertical video and that is under 1 minute and putting #shorts in the title and I also like to put it in the description.

What is strange about Youtube shorts is when you publish one it’s NOT shown to many people on your channel!

How the algorithm works is Youtube shows it to a few people and if those people like it, Youtube will show it to MORE people.

If someone rewatches a video that helps the algorithm, same with likes, subscribes, shares, and if they watch it until the end.

It’s “almost” like Youtube tests it to see how good first.

As soon as you make a short video it could be worth it to go to and just pay some people to like the video. This could send the right signals for more people to watch it. is a social website where people like each other stuff for fake currency.

Making another Channel ONLY for Youtube Shorts?

I’m not a fan of creating an additional channel ONLY for shorts, then have another channel for normal videos. One of the benefits of shorts is to grow your Youtube channel.

If you have a channel ONLY for shorts then it’s harder for someone to go to your other channel to subscribe and watch videos.

You want to make it as easy as possible for someone, You could say it’s a double opt-in to subscribe.

Another negative with making a channel only for shorts is there is NO way to monetize the channel. You can’t put ads on a Youtube shorts video.

By ONLY having 1 channel and building that channel, you’re getting the full benefits of making a short video. These benefits are growing the channel and advertising something outside of Youtube.

The purpose of Youtube should be to advertise something outside of the platform unless you just love attention and have a big ego.

Best Way to Use Youtube Shorts?

There are 2 ways to use Youtube shorts.

  • Use them to promote your channel to get more views and subscribers.
  • Use them to promote something outside of Youtube such as a website.

I do think the slower way could be MORE effective.

The slow way is using a short video to advertise a channel. Then with the channel, you can build a relationship and the longer videos use to promote something outside of Youtube.

Even better would be the hub idea!

The hub idea of Youtube is to create many Youtube videos that promote 1 video then that video promotes something outside of Youtube.

Youtube likes this because it builds Youtube and your other videos.

The way to advertise a website in a short is to write the domain name at the top of the video and then at the end talk about it.

This is why it helps to have a short good domain name and some of them can cost money! Which, is why I still believe in domain name investing and I have made OK money with it.

You can learn more about how to do domain name investing from this post that you can read by clicking HERE.

To advertise a Youtube channel you could just talk about it at the end and tell someone to subscribe. The end goal is to get someone off Youtube to something “YOU OWN” and can monetize.

I’m NOT a fan on relying solely on Youtube because you are at the mercy of Youtube!

What you have to do on EVERY youtube short is to have a call to action!

The call to action is probably the MOST important part. Then at the end of your video, tell the viewer to visit your site for more information.

It can go great with blogging because you can tease the blog post with the short then lead them back to your blog for more.

The monetization happens on your blog (which you own).

Tips to Youtube Shorts!

When it comes to marketing “curiousity” is your best friend!

We wake up bored, go to work bored, sleep bored – so anytime you create curiosity it’s only going to help you. You could tease something and then reveal it at the end.

Once someone thinks they know everything they usually swipe away. This is why there is a saying “sell the sizzle NOT the steak.”

Maybe make the beginning just create curiosity and then reveal the rest later. You could move past something quickly or blur it to make people wonder what it is!

You want people to wonder what the hell you’re talking about!

The second tip is to make your short slightly shorter than it is. If you think the short “just might” be too long – it is!

The third tip is if someone goes back and re-watches your short video that is a good thing for the algorithm. You could tease something then at the end reveal it but do it VERY FAST.

The Point of Youtube

Youtube is a marketing machine. The “whole” point of using Youtube is to market something!

Yes, you can provide stories, make them entertaining and educational – but you should have a call to action. This is why I’m a fan of having a website or blog and then using Youtube to advertise it.

You own the website or blog NOT a Youtube video. Also, your Youtube videos DON’T have to be fancy. I’ve gotten millions of views on the MOST basic videos (with NO thumbnail).

There are FREE ways to make a nice thumbnail so you don’t need Photoshop, HERE is a post I made on how to do it. A great saying is the quality is MOSTLY attached to your own Ego. Sure, your audience needs to hear you and see you, but apart from that everything else is “Extra!”

You don’t need bells, whistles, and the “perfect” background. Heck, you probably don’t even need a custom thumbnail. Youtube is an amazing FREE tool to market something! Oh, and you need thick skin for the troll comments that WILL happen.

Hurt people, hurt other people!

If someone leaves a nasty comment just try to remember they are hurt. Lastly, your Youtube videos don’t have to be perfect! Just post it, the mistakes you make might even help the video.

If you want to get better at Youtube I would checking this out HERE.

I hope this blog post on can Youtube shorts hurt your channel was helpful. Bye for now!


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