Domain Ideas for Investing – How to Find Gold!

I’m always interested in domain ideas for investing and I found a few unique ways to do this.

You might be wondering why I would share these ideas. There are more investments that can be found than I have the resources to get.

The simplest way to come up with good domain ideas for investing is to see what is already selling and buy similar domains. It’s also good to use your own experience and knowledge. 

Keep reading and I’ll share how I find good domain investments, why I like Domain investing, realistic earning potential, and where to go to learn more.

How to Find Good Domains

You make your money when you buy NOT when you sell.

Have you ever heard this saying before? There is truth to it and finding a good domain is where ALL the money is made.

Have you ever thought about buying a domain name? If so, what is the first thing you need to have? You need to know the niche or keyword.

Most domains are around a certain niche. The niche could be gaming, banking, biking, yoga, or cooking.

Sure, if you could find a one-word domain name around your niche that would be great. The truth is “all” single word .com names that make sense are gone.

Single-word .com names are “insanely” valuable. Here is a list with a few recent sales.

  • – $30,000,000 (2019)
  • – $3,000,000 (2019)
  • – $900,000 (2017)
  • – $502,225 (2018)
  • – $275,000 (2018)
  • – $100,000 (2019)

(I got some of these ideas from

I love how just a person’s name can go for $100,000. If a single word name is gone what is the next step you can take?

You could try another extension such as .net or .xyz. In fact, there are around 280 different extensions. 

When it comes to extensions there are GTLD’s (generic top-level domains) and CCTLD’s (country code top-level domains).

As you can guess country code domains have to do with a country, while generic are things like .xyz and .online.

The truth is since all the major websites use a .com name this is what people trust and use.

If you have a domain on a new extension it still can confuse people and you will lose business. This is why .com names are very valuable. Plus using another extension can make your website look cheap.

Also if you tell people your name they might automatically put a .com afterward because they are used to that.

Maybe in the future, this can change, but right now I only deal with .com names. You could invest in another extension, but it can be riskier.

Since single word .com names are gone the next step is to add a word to your niche. Instead of your website being it could be

The second word to the keyword is where all the money is.

2-word .com names can still sell for a lot of money.

The easiest way to find domain ideas for investing is to go to In the top menu, you can put your keyword in the beginning and you will find what the second words are selling for.

Notice how sold for $14,500.

Now is taken, but what if the domain you want is with security, maybe is NOT taken. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Yes, you do have to do some brainstorming, but it’s kind of fun. What I did is list major niches that have money in them. Then list major second words that are selling. Lastly, combine them both and see if any are taken.

One of my favorite sayings is from the founder of Apple.

“Creativity is just combining things”

– Steve Jobs

All your doing with domain investing is combining things. There are other ways to buy a domain from an auction, but hand registering them is nice because you’re not spending a lot of money.

(Hand registering one is when nobody has it). The less you spend on a domain the less risky it is. 

How to Brainstorm Domain Ideas

One way to brainstorm a list of domain ideas is to create 2 lists. One list is keywords that involve popular niches. Here are just 10 ideas, but you could probably list 1,000.

  • Computer
  • Pet
  • Home
  • Parent
  • School
  • Investing
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Security
  • Drone

That list took me a few seconds to make. You can see how popular a niche is by seeing how many domains sold using it. Just enter the keyword into

Next, come up with a list of popular second words that are selling. You can get an idea of what second words are selling by looking at Here is an example from page 2 of gaming on

Now that you have these two lists keep coming up with combinations and type them into to see if they are available.

If one is available then buy it. Now Godaddy will try to sell it for you for 5 years, but just purchase the renewal 1 year at a time.

Also, any extras that Godaddy like hiding your domain name from WHOIS is bad. You want your domain name to be found, so you can sell it.

You don’t need to purchase any extra things from Godaddy unless it’s the Godaddy club, because that lowers the price of domains you purchase from them.

Why I like Domain Investing

What I like most about domain investing is there is only 1 .com name. Once that domain is taken then the only way someone can get it is through the person it’s registered to.

This means there is a limited supply and hopefully a higher demand. Sure, nobody has a crystal ball and you might not get a buyer for your domain, but that is why you can get a higher profit than a safer investment.

Another reason I like domain investing is I see value in a good domain. A domain is the only thing you can own online apart from a list of email addresses. 

Sure you can have a Youtube channel or a social media account, but you don’t own that. I’ve had an account through Medium get shut down because they didn’t like what I wrote about. 

In fact, I’m not even sure why my account was shut down and when I asked them they said read the terms.

With a domain, you can write whatever you want. Plus, you can use your domain to make money with ads, affiliate marketing, selling your products or you could even sell the domain later if you want. 

Oh, and I love mentioning my domain in a podcast or Tiktok video and getting visitors from it.

Realistic Earning Potential

One of my favorite sayings is…

“A pig gets fat and a hog gets slaughtered.”


This means it’s good to be a little greedy, but too much greed can backfire. This also applies to domain investing. A BIG mistake I made with domains is pricing them “way” too high. I also see this all the time with other investors.

Just because we own something we “magically” think it’s more valuable than what it is. It’s human nature to do this. With domains, I try to price them “as low as I can.”

It’s the same thing with a house. The worst mistake in physical real estate is to overprice a home.

Then it sits there and the time on the market starts to increase. Then everyone wonders why the home has been sitting there so long.

Usually, two-word .com names sell for $999 to $1,999 retail (if the words made sense.) Sometimes the domain can sell for more such as

If you purchase the domain for $8.47 which you can get from the Godaddy club and sell it for just $999. That is a profit of $990.53 minus any fees.

The fees can be none if you sell it through the domain itself to 20%, which is what Godaddy charges you to sell it. Also every year you have to pay the renewal fee to keep the domain.

Where to Go To Learn More

I just scratched the surface of domain investing. Just realizing how to price a domain takes a lot of work and learning. Then comes where to sell a domain and how to do this. Also sometimes domains involve negotiating with someone. 

Hopefully, I opened your eyes to the possibility of domains and that you can make money with them. This “I hope” increased your confidence that it’s possible.

The next step for you is to get more knowledge. 

There is one place I went to that really helped me. This place also shares case studies on negotiating and ideas that will ONLY help you.

What I learned from this place I was able to take a domain I purchased for $8.47 and sell it for $1,999. There are different prices for this schooling. I took the 1-year membership and that is what I recommend.

There are higher prices, “but I’m looking out for you” and I don’t think the lifetime membership is worth the price for most people.

The price is of the 1-year membership is worth it if you use what you learned. You can view the price of the schooling by by clicking the link HERE.

I hope this article on domain ideas for investing has helped you. Have a nice day.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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