Will ChatGPT Replace Copywriters? (3 Interesting Reasons!)

It seems that ChatGPT is all the rage and is the fastest-growing web platform. A great question is how it will impact copywriters, bloggers, and content creators. I did “a lot” of digging and found some really interesting things.

ChatGPT can assist copywriters and content creators, but a human touch is usually needed!

Keep reading and I’ll share what copywriting is, 2 ways to improve your copywriting, 3 reasons why ChatGPT will not eliminate content creators, and 3 ways ChatGPT can help with content creation.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of using the written word to influence someone.

Usually copywriting has to do with marketing and sales. Writing is different because it could be about a fictional story or an autobiography.

Someone writes copy to influence someone.

This type of skill is “insanely” valuable especially online. I’m NOT the best copywriter at all, but from my experience and learning from others MUCH better than me is people “hate” being sold to.

As soon as something smells like a marketing message or it’s trying to sell something it gets deleted. It’s like a commercial where as soon as it comes on there is a good chance you will skip it.

One idea for copywriting is to talk about something completely different that is entertaining. Then tie into a marketing message at the end and “HIDE” the marketing message.

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You could even piggyback on something that is already trending to talk about. These marketing messages can be used in email, social media, or anywhere else.

The second tip to copywriting is according to Joe Sugarman, (a great copywriter), the whole point of the first sentence is to get someone to read the second sentence. The WHOLE point of the second sentence is to get someone to read the third sentence.

Basically, it’s a slippery slide so before the reader notices they have read half the copy and it’s too late to stop.

There is a TON more when it comes to copywriting and if you want to learn more I’m giving away a free eBook HERE, that shares more.

Why a Human Touch is Still Needed with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT will probably not completely take over copywriting due to the lack of emotional connection and the lack of trust. Also, real-world experiences are challenging for an AI to relate to and some people are starving for a human connection.

A long time ago article spinning was all the rage on the internet. You could take one article and run it through a machine and the article would be slightly different by changing a few words around.

As you could guess the machine would work but the article would read like shit. You could use this article spinning to spam backlinks that would rank content.

OpenAI is “a little” like this tool (at least to me). Just look at the warning you get when you log into the platform.

A big lesson from my experience” with black hat SEO techniques is they don’t work for the long term. What works for the long term is quality content that is more personal and helpful (white hat).

A big weakness with ChatGPT is the human element and experiences. When you call tech support do you want to talk to a “real” person or a computer?

For some things, a “real person” is preferred. I wrote a whole post HERE on chatbots and the advantages and disadvantages they can be used for.

Another “large” disadvantage of ChatGPT is the trust factor. The truth is that AI doesn’t have the real-world experience to relate to things.

If you wanted to learn copywriting for example learning from someone who has “real world” experience is different than a machine.

Don’t get me wrong ChatGPT does have a place, and a real person also has a place. the AI machine can still be helpful, but you can see how it’s different.

A third LARGE disadvantage of ChatGPT is the fact that some people are starving for a human connection. It’s SO bad that so people someone is charging for hugs like this person HERE, and some people even have sold imaginary friends you can learn more HERE.

These stories are “very” sad!

Humans are social creatures and if there is anything that COVID-19 taught us is people go “crazy” if you lock them in their houses with social distancing and masks.

If anything start a business as a professional hugger or try to sell an imaginary friend right?

How to Use ChatGPT with Content Creation?

A great way to use ChatGPT is to come up with ideas. Maybe you have experienced writer’s block (we all have).

Maybe you want to come u with a blog topic on roofing (the first thing off my head). ChatGPT can give you seed ideas you can explore further.

You see how ChatGPT is a tool that can get the creative juices flowing?

Creativity is just combining things!

Steve Jobs

The second area is if there is an area of your blog post in which you want more ideas you can also use ChatGPT.

For example, if you are creating content on solar panels you can ask ChatGPT about certain dimensions or tech details of solar panels that you could include in your video or post.

Finally, the third way you could use the tool is to give it as much information as possible and then have it create the content. Then go in and personalize it by adding your own thoughts, experiences, and stories and make it more (human) and friendly.

There are TONS and TONS of different ways to use ChatGPT to earn money and if you want more ideas you can check this out HERE.


I don’t see ChatGPT completely taking over blogging, content creation, and copywriting. Some people are so scared that AI will take over that they will quit and that means less competition.

It’s the same as how some people (myself included) thought Youtube would destroy blogging or Tiktok would destroy Youtube. These platforms are still around.

Another example is self-driving cars even if they were 100% safe (they are not) there will still be people who want to drive themselves.

As always I’m a HUGE fan of not relying on 1 platform and spreading out the risk. This way if change happens you’re not as vulnerable. Still, if you only work on 1 platform like you’re only a Youtuber that is still better than nothing.

Of course, change happens “most” people don’t like it but being open-minded and willing to adapt can be “very” good.

When it comes to copywriting and earning money online the foundation really is “everything.”

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years and I created an eBook HERE that I’m giving away for free. I really feel this eBook HERE can be very helpful.

I hope this blog post on ChatGPT was helpful, bye for now.


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