What is Sqribble and Does it Write Books?

As a blogger, I’m always open-minded on new ways to get traffic, leads, and of course to earn money. Creating reports and ebooks can be a pain in the ass and Sqribble can make this process easier.

Sqribble is a paid software that makes writing books and reports easier!

Keep reading and I’ll share my experience with using the software. I’ll share 6 ways to use the software to earn money. I’ll share what the other up-sales involve and other options for this tool.

Sqribble Pros and Cons?

Sqribble is a software tool that makes it easy to create ebooks and reports. A big thing I like about the software is it’s a one-time cost then there is a coupon you can use that will save you an extra $20.77, which is starwars. You can click on the link HERE to view the price.

Skip a few coffees or going out to dinner and it pays for it. Plus, later I’ll share all the cool ways you can use this tool and there is a lot you can do with the software.

Another advantage is that it’s easy to use. I’m going to compare it to paint by number. There is a template and then you just write in it or past words into the template and then that is it.

There is even a way that it takes the words from an article or website and makes an ebook from it.

All the formatting is done. The original scribble comes with 50 templates and honestly, this is all you need. You can add pictures and tweak the templates to make them different.

Another cool thing I like is how it helps with freelance work. Yes, you can actually go on freelancing websites to do things such as formating ebooks, creating a report, or just converting a document to an ebook and “earn money.”

Sqribble has enabled a dashboard where you can share your work without having someone steal it. It’s almost like an escrow service and it’s free and NOT an upsell.

Plus, it can help you track jobs and help you be organized.

Also, Sqribble does have some good training and it’s fairly in-depth. He does share some good ideas on using his software.

As you can probably guess there is an upsell to add more templates and designs. If you are creating TONS of ebooks and reports then this could be a good buy.

To start with I only recommend the first product ONLY. I would NOT recommend any of the upsells to start with and you can always buy them later if you want.

Another con is there are many pre-written articles, but as you can guess they are not very good. There is a way you can pull words from websites to add to an ebook. It does work, but I never used it because I would rather write it myself.

Also, sometimes the website is a little slow because you use the software in the cloud.

How to Use Sqribble?

The first way to use Sqribble is to sell the ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing. The is “by far” the largest marketplace for ebooks.

I have a few and priced my ebooks at 99 cents. The problem with the 99 cents is I get a royalty of 35 cents. If you price your ebook higher then you get a higher royalty.

So far I’ve earned $10 dollars. Keep in mind Amazon isn’t the only marketplace, there are “many” others, but it’s the biggest.

Sqribble even allows you to create a store to sell your ebooks and reports. There is “a lot” of cool features like helping you with reviews, coupons, flash sales and allows you to take payments – so you keep more money.

It’s something to look into if you are serious about selling ebooks.

Another way you can earn money is by putting affiliate links in the ebook. Then you can earn money when people buy the book, but also when someone clicks on your link in the report.

The third way to use Sqribble is by creating eBooks is by giving them away as a bonus when someone buys a product from you.

If someone is on the fence and then you offer some eBook bonuses it might just motivate them to buy and give you a sale. You can also do some fun things, such as remove your bonus if someone doesn’t purchase within a certain time.

The fourth way is to use Sqribble as a link magnet. Maybe you’re trying to grow an email list and if someone signs up for your newsletter you will give them a report.

The fifth way you could use Sqribble is to get leads. What I like about Sqribble is if you make a report valuable you could just give it away.

Maybe you are in a Facebook group or Linkedin group. Instead of spamming your affiliate link or website you could give a gift.

Do you see how powerful this is?

It reminds me of the story of the trojan horse, but you’re giving away a “good virus.”

With a little creativity, you could find all kinds of ways to give your ebook away. You could give away in a torrent file-sharing site, maybe in a forum, Reddit even Twitter.

The 6th way you can use Sqribble is by taking freelance work. Sqribble even comes with an agency website that makes tracking these jobs easier.

The 7th way you can use the software is to repurpose blog posts. Yea, if you write 10 blog posts on a topic you could just stick it in an ebook form and give it away or sell it.

How is that NOT cool?

I’m sure there are MANY other ways you can use Sqribble. The main thing is the software allows you to create an additional digital asset.

All the eBooks you own and you can use them as little employees to help you in different ways.

Sqribble Upsells!

Sqribble does have MANY upsells and I don’t recommend any of them when you first start.

The first upsell is Sqribble professional that gives you many more templates and other goodies. This isn’t a bad product if you create TONS of ebooks because it gives you more variety. Oh, and it’s a 1-time fee and that is good.

I did purchase this upsell for myself, but you don’t have to and I recommend not buying it.

The second upsell is Sqribble Prime and this is when you get 15 exclusive templates every month you can use. Again, I don’t recommend it unless you writing TONS of ebooks. 99% of people shouldn’t get this.

The third upsell is Fantasia 3D. You can create 3D e-covers and interactive flip covers. You going to pay for some more bells and whistles and I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe if you selling TONS of ebooks it will give you more variety.

You could also use it for Freelance work if you want to do that.

The fourth upsell is Autojob and this helps you find freelance work. I would recommend trying the free version first and see how it is. It could be worth it if you are serious about doing freelance work.

Oh, and there is an upsell that does allow you to have an e-commerce store that sells your ebooks. There is “a lot” of cool stuff in here like helping you with reviews, flash sales, coupons, and much more. I would look into this if you are serious about selling ebooks.

Lastly, there is an upsell that helps you submit ebooks to MANY places. It could be worth it if you do list many ebooks.

Again, all these upsells are optional. I recommend ONLY getting the first product and “once the ebooks earn you money” you can re-invest your profits into tools that help you more.

FIRST, put yourself in profit. I hope this helps!


The product does have a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try it out and if you don’t like it you can get your money back, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Below are all the coupon codes that I have found that will give you a discount on each item.

Sqribble – StarWars

Sqribble Professional – SUPERMAN

Sqribble Prime – NORECURRING

Fantasia 3d – DISNEY

AutoJob – MakeMONEY

Lastly, the main competition to Sqribble is Designrr. A big disadvantage to Designrr is you have to pay “at least” $30 a month to use the software.

Considering how much “less expensive” Sqribble is I would recommend Sqribble. The base version I think is wonderful, the upsells are optional.

You can learn more about Sqribble and see what the price is by clicking on link HERE.

I hope this blog post on what is Sqribble and does it write books was helpful to you. Bye for now.


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