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When it comes to earning online. I’m a big fan of lead generation. This is when someone fills out a form for more information and you get paid.

They don’t have to spend any money.

I’ve found something which I’m VERY VERY excited about.

It’s so good I’m ONLY focusing on this and I’ve been looking for a catch. There is one and it only lasts so long, I think 1 year or 1.5 years sadly.

So you should take advantage of it while you can. But, there is good news in that natural scarcity is built in.

Plus, you can earn “a lot” money doing the most good for society, which is VERY nice.

The true heroes are the small business owners that employ people. Not the large chains that take over. The small businesses that bring personality and life to an area (and give people jobs).

How it works is this, MANY small business owners left money on the table with a tax credit.

What I do is tell small business owners that have W2 employees that they left money on the table.

All the business owner has to do is go to a website and fill out easy 9 boxes, which is free for them to find out. Then someone from the accounting team will take over and contact them and see how much money they can get the business owner.

That’s all the work I do.

Click HERE to get started with this opportunity to earn money!

The checks can be fairly large that the small business gets, so I feel good!

The accounting firm does charge a fee to get money to the business owner. More good news is that the business owner can pay the fee out of the check they get from the IRS.

So they don’t have to spend a dime to get this money (cool huh).

If they want to save MORE money they put down a deposit, but I’m impressed with the fee structure the accounting firm has.

How the lead generation works (I think) is you would start by getting 10% of what the accounting firm would get on your first deal, from generating the lead. The next deal and every deal after that you would get 15% (this could change).

If the accounting firm doesn’t earn money, you don’t earn any money!

Every lead you generate could be worth “a lot” of money for you. Plus, you help the business. So you’re not even selling anything except maybe trust.

There are many different approaches to market this lead generation, and the cool thing is the accounting firm will train you and even give you leads for free.

Plus, it’s free for you to get started now, “which may change in the future.”

What has been working for me is contacting businesses using the phone and I’ll find out the owner’s name before I call. Then simply talking to them using the phone.

Of course, not everyone is even interested, but I don’t think it’s very difficult.

I’ve been doing it for a week (I’m brand new) and signed up 2 people so far. Plus, you can target many different types of businesses such as restaurants, auto mechanics, veterinarians, landscaping even churches. You can picky about who you give money to.

I do think the phone works great, but there are other approaches such as contacting the business owner using Linkedin, Messenger, DM and some people have success with cold email.

And there are other approaches as well.

The main thing is your trying to generate a lead for a business owner to find out how much money are accounting firm can get them with a tax credit. You just want to be honest and ethical.

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This accounting firm does want you to fill out a non disclose agreement, so the training they give you, you use to generate them business, which I thought was fair.

They don’t charge for the training. Oh, they do give you a really nice-looking lead capture website. Plus, they give you leads for free and train you.

If you are going to call businesses it does help to own a domain that is easy to spell, this is what I did. The domain (I think) can cost around $9 a year.

Then in Godaddy, there is a way to forward the domain to your lead capture website.

Click HERE to get started with this opportunity to earn money!

Again take advantage of this opportunity while you can. I haven’t found anything better, and I’ve looked at TONS of opportunities.

Hope this may help you, have a nice day!