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Passive Tweets

This service allows me to automatically send out Tweets. It’s a must have for Twitter. You can use it to tweet videos, blog posts, quotes, affiliate links or anything else.

The best part it gets me boat loads of traffic and I can do it while listening to a podcast or the news.

Plus it shares a cool way to get followers to build up your accounts. I say accounts because you can use it with “more than 1” twitter accounts.

It does help me with momentum because it’s SO easy and I see results. Doing some of this before I work on videos or blogging just helps to get the ball rolling. Doing something is “WAY” better than doing nothing.

What I don’t like about the service is that it does take some effort to get it set up. Once you put in the initial effort you can reap the rewards like a push mouse system (which it is).

You can view the price by clicking on this link HERE.


You can make money with affiliate marketing without a website. However, a website is sure very nice to have.

For starters you can mention your domain in a podcast or TikTok video and get traffic. There really is a lot you can do with a domain.

The easiest place to get a domain is with Godaddy. They have a club membership that does enable you to save money on domain renewels. I pay $8 per domain for a year instead of $18.

The Godaddy club does cost money so it only makes sense if you have a few domains. You can learn more by clicking on this link.

The next thing you are going to need is hosting. I recently switched from a crappy hosting company to a “much” better one.

This hosting company has partnered with StoptheHacker to give really good security with daily virus and malware scans.

They offer a 97 day money back guarantee the longest I’ve seen. The customer service is very good, the pricing is the lowest I’ve seen. Godaddy is $6 a month for hosting and this hosting is less than half that price.

Plus unlimited bandwidth and storage with Free backups of your site daily.

The 1 negative I see with this hosting is you have to pay extra for email. Of course there are SO many free email provides like Gmail you don’t need to pay for email.

Oh, and it’s super easy to switch hosting if you have a current website. They made a way to transfer your website over and look at it before it goes live.

It only took me a few minutes to do this and they walk you through it. When I canceled my old hosting company they gave me a full refund.

Check out the pricing for this hosting by clicking here.

Also, if you get a website you don’t need to pay for a logo. I used a free tool called In fact the logo I have on this website I created for FREE.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you.

Domain Investing

Domain investing or digital real estate is a fascinating business to me.

Imagine going back in time and purchasing some of the single word .com names?

I have made many mistakes with domain investing and experienced some wins.

What I like about domains is there is value in a good domain. I understand it and if you buy a domain there is only 1 of it.

Once your own it and someone else wants it, they have to go through you. When it comes to negotiating and domain investing – 3 things help.

  • Patience
  • Options
  • Knowledge

Knowledge is one area that is going to help you. The more you know about what your investing in the better.

When it comes to learning how to invest in domain names there is only 1 place to go.

I went to this place and I do highly recommend it. I did the 1 year membership and learned as much as I could.

With what I learned I was able to buy a $8 domain and sale it for $1,999.

There is a lifetime membership, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. The 1 year membership is worth it (if you use it).

You can check the price of this training by clicking HERE.

If there is anything I can help you with the easiest way to contact me is by clicking the link HERE.

Have a nice day.


When it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it comes down to…

“If you can’t beat them join them”

Cryptocurrency is a battle between the old and the new. This is why people like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger HATE it.

Sometimes you have to learn from people younger than you and drop the ego.

There are “many” ways to make money with crypto.

  • The first place to start is an exchange. I recommend this one HERE, because you can earn FREE crypto by just watching a few videos and learning about it. Oh, and if you put $100 in your account you get $10 of FREE Bitcoin.
  • Another wonderful idea is you can actually earn interest with your cryptocurrency and the rates are “very” high. Plus you earn $10 in Free Bitcoin if you deposit $100. You can learn more by clicking on the link HERE.