Passive Tweets

This service allows me to automatically send out Tweets. It’s a must-have for Twitter. You can use it to tweet videos, blog posts, quotes, affiliate links, or anything else.

The best part is it gets me TONS of traffic. Plus I can do it while I’m listening to a podcast, news, or I’m half-asleep.

It also shares a cool way to get followers to build up your accounts. I say accounts because you can use it with “more than 1” Twitter account.

It does help me with momentum because it’s SO easy and I see results. Doing some of this before I work on videos or blogging just helps to get the ball rolling. Doing something is “WAY” better than doing nothing.

What I don’t like about the service is that it does take effort to set up. Once you put in the initial effort you can reap the rewards like a push mouse system (which it is).

You can view the price by clicking on this link HERE.