Passive Tweets

I’m VERY sad. My automatic twitter tool stopped working. The coolest part was how cheap it was, simple to use and you could use it for 10 accounts.

I know there are TONS of different tools for automatic social media posts.

The next best tool is this one HERE.

The good news is you can use it for more than Twitter. The bad news is you can use it for more than Twitter right?

Still, it’s the by far the best one I’ve found other than Autotweets (cry, cry).

The reason is because you schedule your posts and then forget about them! You don’t have to go in every 1-2 weeks and resubmit them. Basically, your posts recycle and that is the MOST important thing.

You can use it to get more traffic to blog posts, Youtube videos, quotes, affiliate links, lead magnet cash, plus more.

It’s powerful and cool!

The best part is it gets me TONS of traffic. Plus I can do it while I’m listening to a podcast, news, or I’m half-asleep.

It does help me with momentum because it’s SO easy and I see results. Doing some of this before I work on videos or blogging just helps to get the ball rolling. Doing something is “WAY” better than doing nothing.

What I don’t like about the service is that it does take effort to set up. Once you put in the initial effort you can reap the rewards like a push mouse system (which it is).

You can view the price by clicking on this link HERE.

Oh, and to gain Twitter followers get in every day and follow 25 people in your niche. Then use this free tool HERE to find the ones not following you back after 30 days and unfollow them.

Before you know it you will have TONS and TONS of followers interested in a topic. C’mon that’s cool!