Is Rent Digital Assets Worth It? 4 Hidden Defects!

I came across a training system that allows someone to make passive income with digital assets and I wanted to know if it’s worth it. Rent Digital Assets or Bad Ass Marketers is a training program that allows someone to build a website that collects leads and then sells those leads to businesses.

Rent Digital Assets teaches someone how to build websites for leads and sell those leads to local businesses. The program can cost between 5-7 thousand dollars, there is no money-back guarantee and there are less expensive training programs. Also, some areas need more service providers and NOT more leads.

Keep reading and I’ll share what you get with this training program, what I like and don’t like with this type of marketing, 5 similar training programs that do the same thing, and 3 other ways to earn income online.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is when you capture interest in a product or service and you generate a lead with it. You can use this lead for yourself or you can sell that lead for money.

A long time ago I used to sell products over the phone. What I did was go to a lead broker and purchase a list of phone numbers. Then I would call that list and say (an example) If I could show you a way to put 20 people a week into your network marketing company would that be worth 20 minutes of your time?

If that person said yes, then I would invite them to a live conference on the phone that would share how this program worked (it was a lead).

Now, most business is generated using the internet and it’s the same concept. Instead of cold-calling, you’re using search engines like Google, Facebook, or Youtube.

Another name for lead generation is local marketing agency, local marketing or marketing agency. This type of marketing is mostly generating leads for local businesses and then selling those leads.

Some examples of these businesses would be plumbers, roofers, life insurance, lawn services, cleaning services, or anything else. You could probably just go to Angie’s List HERE to come up with ideas.

Pros and Cons to Lead Generation

Let’s start with the cons of this type of business. At the time of this blog post, we are in a labor shortage. Nobody wants to work.

This means in MANY areas there is more of a demand for service providers and NOT leads.

Some businesses don’t want more work.

Sure EVERY local market is different and some businesses NEED leads, but this is something you should think about.

The second thing I don’t like about this business model is “it’s hands-on,” you have to find the business that will buy the lead from you. Yep, this means calling people.

Then once you find that business there is MORE work. You have to negotiate the price, sell yourself, keep the business happy, answer questions, and more.

It’s NOT passive, your going to have to work with businesses. Every business that is paying you rent you have to keep happy and it’s almost like having multiple bosses.

Some businesses are going to be skeptical of the quality of the lead. I used to purchase leads from lead brokers and I was taught that ALL leads stink bad. Knowing they stink, how much do I want to pay for them? The least amount that I can.

Also, some businesses have been burned buying shitty leads (I know I have). Some lead generation companies will take 1 lead and sell that lead to as many businesses as they can.

By the time the business owner buys the lead, it’s not fresh, but old and stinky. One idea to get around this is if you’re selling leads you could always have a business try a few leads out.

You can also sell your leads for as cheap as you want.

Lastly, the training program Bad Ass Marketers or Rent Digital Assets (Joshua T Osborne system) isn’t cheap. You have to call them to find out what the price is and it’s expensive.

When I mean expensive it’s around $7,000 for the course. They do have a scholarship program that drops the price to $5,000 but it’s the MOST expensive online course I’ve found.

My Sticker Shock Face!

Let’s talk about some of the advantages of this business. One advantage is it doesn’t take a lot of capital or money (except for the training). All you have to do is build up a website (learn as you go) and then when you approach a business you have the product.

Then ALL you risk is getting some rejection (which I have no problem with). You can then let the business try a few leads out to see if they are good.

You just have to be careful NOT to spend yourself out of business.

Another advantage is owning the assets and this means you have leverage because you have something a business wants (hopefully).

Also, you’re getting some great education with the business. Learning how to rank things on Google, Facebook ads, Google Maps is a great skill.

You can take this knowledge and use it for a blog or maybe do freelance work or work for a company. Also, you can work from home with your family, have a flexible schedule, and not worry about catching Covid.

Lastly, you can make some great income with lead generation.

What Rent Digital Assets will Teach You?

Rent Digital Assets or Bad Ass Marketers will teach you how to create a website with WordPress.

It also goes over ranking the website on Google. One hidden truth when it comes to ranking on Google is that it can take a while. When I mean a while it can take 8 months to FULLY rank on Google.

It also goes over how to rank in Google Maps. This is where you can rank when typing in a local business. The first few spots are going to be valuable.

You’re going to be targeting local service search terms that have buyer intent for example…

  • Clogged Drains
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Roof Leaking

Targeting local service search terms can be really powerful, especially for those with higher buying intent.

The course also goes over how to rank with Google Ads and as far as I know, (Bad Ass Marketers) don’t mess with Facebook Ads.

Lastly, it goes over ideas to generate more sales, keep people paying you money, and how to grow the business into an agency and how to negotiate.

How it works is you would rank a website and then rent that website to a local business. That local business would earn money through leads and pay you less money in rent.

Still, you’re making good money.

Other Options for Digital Assets

Another option is Chad Kimballs course (he has a large beard) that does the same thing. The price from what I read on Reddit is the same at around $7,000.

The third option is Local Marketing Vault and that is a lower price point of around $4,000.

There is another local marketing course that I found and it’s Ryan Wegner’s Lead Gen Blueprint and the price is around $500.

The fifth option is someone named Paul James who also does Lead Generation and his website is right HERE.

Oh, and HERE is a link to training that is only $20.

I’m sure there are “a lot” more systems and training when it comes to a lead generation business. Hopefully, I gave you a few ideas and helped you in a small way.

I’ve NOT tried any of these lead generation systems, so I’m not sure if ANY of them are worth the price. Starting at the lowest priced ones and seeing if you can earn enough to make your money back could be a good idea.

Then with your profits, you can re-invest into more education.

The key to ANY business is to put yourself in profit as cheaply as you can.

Other Ways to Earn Money with Digital Assets

To be completely honest I’ve had the MOST success with crypto. Earning money with crypto is VERY easy, and the most passive income I’ve seen. The bad news is that it’s unstable and nothing is guaranteed.

I’m NOT a financial advisor but the link HERE shares all the different ways to earn money in crypto. I used to think crypto who stupid, but I changed my mind and I’m VERY glad I did.

The second way I’ve earned money with digital assets is by buying domains and reselling them. The key to domain investing is to buy VERY, VERY good domains.

I went to school to learn how to do this and I still made lots of mistakes but had some great successes as well. This link HERE is where I recommend learning how to do this. There is “a lot” of money to be made in domains, but it’s not as easy as crypto from my experience.

The third way is a blog or Youtube channel. You can monetize both of these with ads, affiliate offers, CPC offers or creating your own products. I prefer this over lead generation because “I don’t want to deal with people.”

You can still make some great money with just affiliate offers and ads. There are MANY different approaches to this business but if I had to do it ALL over again I would start HERE.


There are TONS of different ways to earn money online. Life is short, so I truly believe that you choose the work you “enjoy” first and choose your spouse for the “money.”

If you “hate” your work and your spouse spends all your money then that is going to suck right?

Also, education is a good thing, but I don’t think it’s good to “overspend” on education. Some people go to college and put themselves in a HUGE hole just for education.

Some training programs are worth it, and some are not. On my website, I try to only recommend products I’ve used or I think are VERY good.

I hope this blog post on Is rent digital assets worth it was helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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