Is Netflix Viewer a Real Job? Shocking Find!

I’m actually a very lazy person, so after hearing I could get paid to watch Netflix, I was curious. I started doing some digging and looking into this and I found something interesting.

A Netflix viewer is a real job, but it’s not easy to get! It also helps to know 2 languages.

Keep reading and I’ll share what the job entails, how much it pays, exactly how to get it plus 4 additional ways to earn money viewing video content.

Is a Professional Binge-Watcher a Real Job?

A professional bing-watcher is a real job, it’s called a Netflix Tagger and it’s not easy to get.

A tagger watches content on Netflix and assigns a tag to it. This tag enables the service to recommend additional content to viewers to keep them binge-watching.

The dirty truth to MANY platforms is they don’t want you to leave – they are like a drug dealer!

This tag also helps someone find content. You could look at a tagger as being a librarian for an entertainment company.

The good news is you will earn money viewing Netflix content. The bad news is some of the shows or content you may NOT be interested in, plus you have to do some data entry.

So, yea it’s REAL work!

Some more bad news is because this job sounds SO appealing there is going to be a lot of competition for it.

According to Netflix, they want someone with deep knowledge, 5+ years of experience, and education in the film industry. Oh, and knowing a second language is mandatory.

Funny enough, I was dating a girl in Spain that put subtitles in movies and she “hated” her job! You’re probably wondering what the pay is right? It starts at $9 a show and goes up.

If I didn’t scare you away the ONLY way to apply for the job is by going HERE and searching for an opening.

At the time of this blog post, I could not find an opening for this job, but that could change.

You might want to keep looking EVERY week to see if an opening pops up. If an opening does pop up then have your resume ready to be sent. There is also an interview process.

What I would recommend is going on Instagram, Linkedin, or Facebook and DMing people who work in the Netflix tagging department and asking them MANY questions.

Ask how they got the job, how you can pass the interview, what you can do to get your resume noticed, and what they like and do not like about the job.

The good news is EVEN if you can’t get a job as a Netflix tagger there are other ways you could earn money viewing content online.

What are Easy Ways to Earn Money Watching Movies?

Apart from Netflix this place HERE hires people to watch videos and listen to the radio. The cool thing is you could install it and have it run in the background (even on the website it tells you to do this).

Of course, the pay isn’t going to be nearly as good as being a Netflix Tagger, but it’s practical and realistic. Plus, it might be BETTER.

Another way to earn money by watching content online is this Place HERE. This place also has a variety of tasks you can do to get paid.

Most are not worth your time, but some are. The cool thing is you can sign up (there is a bonus for checking it out) and see what offers they have.

A third place to view videos online (it’s my favorite) is this place HERE. This has to do with cryptocurrency and each video is “insanely short” like 10 seconds and you can earn 1-$3 a video.

Yea, easiest money ever right?

Plus, you get to learn about different cryptocurrencies. Now, you do get paid in those cryptos, but you can easily trade them on the marketplace for REAL cash and deposit them into your bank.

The reason for these videos is it’s a marketing thing, where they want to get the word out on their project.

How to Get Paid Watching Videos as a Blogger!

I bet you didn’t think about blogging to earn money watching videos. This is “BY FAR” my favorite side hustle.

The reason it’s better than the Netflix job as a tagger is because you choose what you want to watch.

How it works is you choose a topic that you’re interested in (it could be anything). Then find keywords based on your interest that you can rank for.

Then you simply create content around those keywords. It’s like answering a question that your neighbor has (being as helpful as you can).

In order to answer your neighbor’s question you might need to watch some videos on the topic, hang around forums, or phone a local business.

Basically, you’re getting paid to learn as a blogger!

In the blog post, you can earn money from ads and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when someone clicks on a link and buys something, and you get paid because they clicked on your link (it’s a marketing thing).

There are EVEN affiliate offers where someone enters their email address for more information and you can earn money.

The cool thing is you can do the work once and still earn money from it years into the future. More good news is you can easily combine blogging with creating a Youtube channel. You could even repurpose your content on other channels like posting it on Linkedin and Medium.

If you’re interested in earning money with blogging and affiliate marketing I would recommend starting HERE, which I’m giving away for free.


I’m a HUGE fan of figuring out a way to earn money from what you’re interested in. Mike Rowe who was in the show Dirty Jobs doesn’t like the idea of following your passion. As he puts it….

I do agree with Mike Rowe and I think he is right in following opportunity NOT passion! Sexy jobs are NOT sexy due to supply and demand. There is too much demand for it and not enough supply.

I do think there is a “happy medium” and just look at the show Dirty Jobs. He literally combined something shitty like a dirty job with something sexy like having a TV show.

Look at what I’m doing blogging it’s combining something I’m interested in (sexy) with something not sexy (writing).

Creativity is just combining things – Steve Jobs

I used to also work in a meat freezer (that nobody wanted to do). Due to nobody liking it, I was left in there alone and I got to listen to podcasts, audiobooks as I exercised moving meat around.

By looking to combine your passion with something NOT sexy – this is where the gold is I think. Basically, try to make a crappy job cool.

I hope this blog post on how to earn money watching videos was “at least” a little helpful. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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