How to Become a DHgate Affiliate (9 Reasons Why?)

I got interested in DHgate after seeing it was a top program at a third-party affiliate network. It used to be Amazon was a great affiliate program for bloggers and content creators and then the commission rate dropped like a falling star. The good news is there are other options and DHgate is just 1 idea.

Someone can become a DHgate Affiliate by signing up on their platform. Another option is by signing up for an affiliate marketplace where someone can become a DHgate affiliate.

Keep reading and I’ll walk you through step by step how to become an affiliate. Plus, I’ll share 9 reasons why you might be interested in their affiliate program, what DHgate is about, and if it’s a wholesale platform. Plus, a few dangers and warnings about DHgate.

Steps to Becoming a DHgate Affiliate

The first step is to go to this place HERE where you can sign up. Then all you have to do is enter your email and create a password.

After you have entered your email and password, you will see a message saying “Activate Free”, click on that.

Next, you will be asked how you will be promoting the DHgate affiliate program. They have a wide variety of options. It actually can give you some ideas on how to promote it. Just pick something, TikTok is a great choice for affiliate marketing to start with.

You can check this out HERE if you’re not sure how to do affiliate marketing on TikTok or other media channels.

Now, you’re an affiliate, that was VERY easy, right? There are third-party platforms that have partnered with DHgate, but I don’t recommend them. The reason is the commissions will not be as high because the third-party platform will get a percentage of it.

Plus by enrolling in the affiliate program directly on the platform you can promote the affiliate program and earn money this way.

I first discovered DHgate from an affiliate marketplace, which I do recommend signing up for. The reason is they do have some great offers and some might be a great fit for you. Oh, and in some offers, you can earn money when someone simply enters an email address for more information on a topic.

It can be challenging to be accepted into the marketplace, but I tell you exactly how to get accepted in this post I created HERE.

You might be wondering why you want to be a DHgate affiliate right?

What is a DHgate Affiliate?

As a DHgate affiliate, if you post an affiliate link to a product on the DHgate platform and someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases it, you will earn money.

After you have joined the affiliate program you want to find products to promote. I recommend promoting products you have used and “really” like.

The cool thing about DHgate is they can give you FREE samples of products. You can find these free samples on the left-hand side menu. After you find one, you simply have to add your shipping information and there is a place to customize your sample.

After you have a product you would like to promote, next comes generating your affiliate link. In the left-hand menu, you should see a link called “Link Customizer.”

This is where you want to paste the URL of whatever product you want to create the affiliate link for. This “Link Customizer” will then create an affiliate link.

In case you don’t know this, you can highlight the web address (URL), hold Ctrl C to copy the address then go to the “Link Customizer” and hold Ctrl V to paste the web address. Now, you have an affiliate link and the system even pulls out pictures of the product.

This affiliate link is VERY important so you get credit when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase.

Reasons Someone Would Want to Be a DHgate Affiliate?

  • Wide variety of products to promote.
  • Some products have free shipping
  • Free samples of products.
  • 45-day cookie duration.
  • You can earn 3%~60% of the order amount.
  • Have a variety of options to promote their products.
  • Is a wholesale marketplace, which means some products are cheaper.
  • If you refer someone to become an affiliate and they make a successful promotion you earn 30%.
  • Sometimes they provide bonus’s to their affiliates.

Is DHGate Wholesale?

DHGate is a wholesale marketplace that connects small businesses in China directly to consumers. Wholesale is when someone buys directly from a manufacturer and thus usually gets a cheaper price.

DHgate is similar to but they don’t sell their own stuff. They host the marketplace and other people sell stuff.

What’s good about this is it’s wholesale and you can find cheaper products because there isn’t a middle person.

Some of these sellers are good and there are some great products on the platform. The bad news is some products are not good and some of the sellers are NOT trustworthy.

This is why it’s a very good idea to sample the product first, before recommending it to others. More good news is that DHgate has taken steps to improve its refund process.

This means Dhgate can get involved when there is a problem. You’re not entirely at the mercy of the seller.

Another really good idea before promoting a product is to read reviews and feedback from their customers. Oh, and of course make small orders before larger ones (test the waters before jumping in).

It’s also good to NOT expect fast delivery and to give realistic expectations for the people you promote your offer to. These products are coming from China and it’s going to be a slow delivery.

Slow delivery means at least a week if not 2 weeks. It’s probably better to underpromise and overdeliver on this right?

Another thing to realize is…

“If it’s too good to be true, that is because it’s fake.”

Yea, if a product is “super” low in price this means it’s a knockoff. Don’t go in expecting to get genuine Yeezy shoes that are for an insanely low price.

Everything on the platform is fake, but it’s a lower price.


Affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity for someone to earn extra income around their busy schedule. It can be done anywhere around the world, anytime and it can be VERY fun.

I’ve been into this type of business for well over 10 years and I created an eBook on ideas that I feel can be very helpful. I’m giving this eBook away for free with 2 other eBook’s and you can learn more by clicking on the link HERE.

I hope this post on how to become a DHgate affiliate was helpful to you. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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