Health is a very controversial field. When I first got started in affiliate marketing I used to market health supplements, which I still use today!

The best omega 3 supplement I’ve found comes from this company HERE and have used this company for over 10 years.

The challenge is MANY of us are stuck at home due to Covid and the crazy times we live in. It’s “very” easy to go into the kitchen and eat comfort food.

After following the author Jason Fung and reading his books I do believe that snacking is VERY bad.

The truth is cutting out a few meals through the day has TONS of benefits. Here are just a few reasons why I like it.

The author also wrote The Cancer Code and The Diabetes Code and they are both linked to food.

Of course, If you suffer from anorexia you should NOT fast. If you’re a bodybuilder you should NOT fast, but many people can benefit from it, which is why I have to mention it.

Usually, I eat 2 meals a day, and sometimes I do eat 1 meal a day.

Hope this gave you some “food for thought!” 🙂

I’m also a fan of the “Ice Man.” I do work in a meat freezer part-time and swim in the ocean. There is something about “some” cold that makes me feel “alive.”

Plus some nifty health benefits!

“A cold shower a day can keep the doctor away.”

Wim Hof

What I’ve been doing is starting with a warm shower and then turning the water to cold. Try cold water for 5 seconds and then gradually stay in the cold longer.

See how it makes you feel. I “really” enjoy it and it gives me energy!

If you’re stressed out, depressed, or have pains maybe it could help. Look at how happy this guy is :).

I hope some of these ideas, might be a little helpful to you!