Domain Investing

Domain investing or digital real estate is a fascinating business to me. Imagine going back in time and purchasing some of the single word .com names?

I have made many mistakes with domain investing and experienced some wins.

What I like about domains is there is value in a good domain. I understand it and if you buy a domain there is only 1 of it.

Once your own it and someone else wants it, they have to go through you.

When it comes to negotiating and domain investing 3 things help.

  • Patience
  • Options
  • Knowledge

Knowledge is one area that is going to help you. The more you know about what your investing in the better.

When it comes to learning how to invest in domain names there is only 1 place to go.

I went to this place and I do highly recommend it. I did the 1 year membership and learned as much as I could.

With what I learned I was able to buy a $8 domain and sale it for $1,999.

There is a lifetime membership, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. The 1 year membership is worth it (if you use it).

You can check the price of this training by clicking HERE.

If there is anything I can help you with the easiest way to contact me is by clicking the link HERE.

Have a nice day.