Does Email Marketing Work in India? HELL YEA!

Being someone who has traveled all over northern India and doing email marketing for 5-10 years, I know email marketing can work if you know what you’re doing.

Email Marketing works in India and anywhere worldwide if you know what you’re doing.

Keep reading and I’ll share why using email marketing is a good idea, an easy way to get people on a list, how to start email marketing for free, and how to craft emails so they get read.

Why Use Email Marketing in India?

Email marketing is a great idea because you are diversifying your marketing and you own the list.

Some people build blogs or Youtube channels and can sell them for a profit, but by adding an email list it can increase the price of the Blog or Youtube channel you’re selling.

You’re giving your buyer leads, people who are interested in a topic. Even if you don’t market to the list, you can still sell the email list and there is value in it.

If nothing else build an email list (do nothing with it) and you can sell the list!

Another big reason to build an email list is to increase your money. If someone comes to your blog or Youtube channel and doesn’t purchase anything, but joins your email list maybe they opened an email a week later and purchased.

If you didn’t build an email list you “may” have lost that person forever. The things you can sell would be…

  • Physical items
  • Your time (like consulting)
  • Affiliate offers (easiest)
  • Affiliate offer franchises (where you get more of the cut)
  • Lead Generation (where you sell the lead of someone who is interested)
  • Your own products (best, because you keep 100% of the money)

A third reason to grow an email list is to diversify. If you ONLY build a blog or youtube channel then you are dependent on SEO or Youtube.

If Google comes out with an update or Youtube changes its algorithm it could really hurt your income. If you have an email list you can still earn money with the list even if you are kicked off Youtube for some reason.

It’s also just a good idea NOT to put all your eggs in 1 basket because it’s risky. Plus, getting traffic from multiple places is good because you’re not as fragile and dependent.

I’m a BIG fan of “all the above” approach – attack on land, air, and sea!

A fourth reason to grow an email list is to get people back to your blog or Youtube channel. This is extra traffic that you may not have gotten and can help with ad revenue, affiliate income the Youtube algorithm, or more.

Oh, and the fifth reason is for launches or to market new products. If you’re in a niche new products come out ALL the time. You could mention this NEW product to your list (if it’s good) and usually, there is scarcity already built into the launches.

A sixth reason is because you can market to someone “years” into the future. One last reason because I’m an “old school” internet marketer is the saying….

The money is in the list!

How to Get People on Your Email List in India?

There are two ways to get someone on your list and that would be just asking and the second way offering a free gift if someone joins your list.

I “highly” recommend offering someone a free gift if they join your list because you will get more signups. Still, just asking for someone to join your list is better than nothing right?

When it comes to what software to use I “highly” recommend and use this place HERE. The reason I like this software is because you can use it for FREE.

You can also create a landing page for FREE, so you don’t even need a website. Heck, you could do email marketing even without a blog or Youtube channel and just use Youtube Shorts, Instagram, or another social media platform if you want.

You might be wondering how to create a free gift. One idea is a resource page where you link to many sources that can be helpful in a certain niche.

Maybe your niche is gardening you can link to everything that can help a new gardener out in the beginning. Write it down in Word document print it as a PDF and you have your gift.

You might want some type of image to make that gift come to life, but something is better than nothing right?

The second option is to create an eBook. The advantage of an eBook is you can do “a lot” with them.

  • You can give them to someone that joins your list.
  • You can put affiliate offers in the eBook.
  • You can sell the eBook
  • Give them to Facebook, Linkedin, and Reddit groups.
  • Give them to torrent sites.
  • Oh, you can collect email addresses with your ebook.
  • Can give them out if someone purchases an affiliate offer.
  • Use them for upsells.
  • Repurpose blog posts into eBooks.

Plus, there is just perceived value in an eBook because it takes work!

There is software that allows you to create eBooks VERY easily and fast and I recommend and use this software HERE. Plus, it’s the cheapest software that I’ve found, and easy to use.

You might be wondering what is a good signup rate. A normal good signup rate is around 1-2%. 3-5% is good and someone has even had a 9.3% signup rate. Of course, it depends on the niche, traffic, and more.

How to Craft Messages?

The hardest part of email marketing is getting your emails opened and read.

When it comes to email marketing the most important thing is not to sound “boring.” If you are going to send a marketing email it shouldn’t sound like a marketing email.

Boring, corporate talk gets deleted quickly and you would delete the same stuff right?

The key to email marketing is to be “entertaining.” Another secret is your email doesn’t have to be anything about what your marketing.

You could create an email about a scene from the movie Ghostbusters include a story, then tie it into your product and there is a way to do this. Do you see how this is WAY more entertaining than saying “here is the product, it does this, click here for a discount?”

I’ve just scratched the surface on what’s possible with email marketing and if you want to learn more I’m giving away a free eBook HERE that shares more on copywriting, how to craft titles, what to put in an email, how to get clicks and how often to send emails and when.

One of my favorite marketers in the U.S. is Gary Vee who wrote a great book called Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook you can view HERE.

Basically, it’s give, give, give then ask. The premise of the book is that if you ask too much, people start ducking because you’re trying to knock their heads off (sell your product to them).

Suspicious Tv Land GIF by #Impastor - Find & Share on GIPHY

By jabbing (giving) they let their guard down, so it’s easy to knock them out with a right hook and make the sale.

What he doesn’t tell you in the book is if you make your right hooks, entertaining you don’t need to jab. You can combine your jabs with your right hooks, people will LOVE you even if they don’t buy.

Most importantly you will earn MORE money because you are putting the numbers in your favor.

This is a VERY advanced strategy and the best email marketers use it. If you want to learn more I’m giving away a free eBook on affiliate marketing HERE. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years and I feel this eBook can be very helpful.


Email marketing really is a no-brainer especially if you can get started for FREE because there is NO risk and just a reward.

It’s similar to going to a casino and being allowed to bet without spending money and you still get the reward.

Plus, what’s great about being in India is you can live in a place that cost less money and market into a place (like the U.S.) where you can earn more money. You really can arbitrage the countries!

There is a lot more to affiliate marketing and using email and I would highly recommend checking out a free eBook I created HERE that I feel can be very helpful. Yes, I do collect email addresses!

I hope this blog post was a little helpful or at least gave you some new ideas. Bye for now.


Affiliate marketer for 10 years, domain investor for 2 years, a recent crypto guy, and part-time surfer. Hopefully, this blog can benefit you.

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