Crowdholding (What it is, What Happened?)

I got interested in Crowdholding as a way to earn some extra money. You might be wondering what it is and how much you could make. Maybe you’re curious about if it’s worth the effort and if there are better side hustle ideas for your time.

Crowdholding is a crypto project where someone can earn rewards for participating in tasks. These tasks could include giving ideas and feedback on a project. They could include something related to marketing such as sharing content. They could also include finding bugs and product testing.

Keep reading and I’ll share what happened to Crowdholding and how it relates to crowdsourcing. I’ll also share 4 other places that do something similar.

What Happened to Crowdholding?

I first discovered Crowdholding when going through Quora feeds on an easy way to earn money with crypto.

The first thing I did was go to their website to see what the project was about and I noticed it was down. Now, I started to get curious, what the heck happened?

Then I started going through all their social media feeds and I found a Tweet in Jan 3, 2020, which I highlight below.

Phishing is when someone sends you an email claiming to be from a reputable company in order to get you to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

I talk more about phishing scams in my blog post HERE, believe it or not, Opensea the most popular NFT marketplace got in trouble for it.


You might be wondering if people lost money and how someone got paid on their platform. For your feedback and ideas, someone would have gotten paid in the startup business’s token and Crowdholding’s token called YUP.

This dual token payment system was there in case the startup’s token failed, you would still have gotten paid in Crowdholding’s token (which was perceived to be safer). You probably can guess what the price of Crowdholding’s token is now. Yup, it’s the lowest I’ve seen in any coin.

I started to do a lot more digging and looks like everything wen’t dark after that Tweet in early January 2020.

What happened and “this is my guess” is Crowdholding partnered with many startups and would connect them to people like you and me looking to earn some money.

One of these startup companies was involved in some shady things (such as phishing) and because Crowdholding was connected to it, got blamed. The million-dollar question is why they didn’t just fix the problems on their website. This I don’t have an answer for, but it’s interesting, right?

Their website was taken down and all their social media wen’t dark in early 2020. Can they fight their way back after these losses? Anything is possible and only time will tell.

You might have heard the term crowdsourcing being used with Crowdholding and were wondering how they are related and different. At least, I did – but hey, I’m a nerd.

How Crowdholding Relates to Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is when there is a problem or challenge and instead of going to just 1 person for the solution, MANY people are invited to give their input.

You could compare crowdsourcing to a democracy where everyone votes for their leader and propositions instead of an autocracy or dictatorship.

This reminds me of an interesting book called The Wisdom of Crowds basically, a crowd is usually right on a topic.

Crowdholding was a crypto project that was looking to bring crowdsourcing to startup businesses. This is a great idea and the good news is there are still MANY businesses that do this.

More good news is there are other places where you can get paid for your feedback, ideas, and opinions.

Other Places to Earn Rewards for Your Opinion

What made me look into Crowdholding was having such success on other platforms with similar ideas.

By far one of the easiest ways to earn money with crypto is by signing up to this place HERE and watching some videos.

I know what you might be thinking especially “if you’re not into crypto” and that is do how you spend the crypto?

On the same platform, you can instantly trade crypto for cash. Then take that cash and deposit it into a checking account that you have linked. Now, you can spend your rewards on anything you want.

The videos might just be the shortest ones I’ve EVER seen and you instantly get rewarded. Sometimes there is a quiz that you could easily guess at and still get rewarded. Plus, you are learning about other projects and you get paid.

The second place I would recommend is this one HERE. What I really like about this place is you get paid for just taking a look at it.

Oh, and it’s in cash NOT in some type of startup coin, stupid points, or something else. Some places make you earn points and you have to earn a million points to get 1 dollar (some credit card offers do this).

The thing about this place HERE is they have some great deals and some offers are NOT worth your time. For example, they have casino stuff, that I recommend you stay away from. You really should look at every deal individually to see if it’s worth it.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to look right.

They have paid out over 80 million dollars, so they are established and it does work. They have also partnered with brands such as Netflix, Target, and Walmart. They have also gotten good reviews from people who use the platform.

I like some of the videos you can watch and answering some questions about something – getting paid for it. When it comes to getting paid, they do offer gift cards to popular retailers and you can get paid in cash with a Visa card or even easier Paypal.

Another place you can get paid for your opinion is this place HERE. The good news is you earn money just by taking a look at it as well. The bad news is that it’s only by answering questions related to products and ideas.

There are no videos to watch or earning money from playing games, reading emails, shopping, or anything else.

Oh, and one last place where you can earn some “easy” crypto by watching videos is this place HERE. The bad news is that it’s NOT available in the U.S. so I wasn’t able to use it.

Still, I haven’t tried using a VPN to get around this, so that might work. You can learn more about VPNs from this article I made HERE.


I hope this post on what Crowdholding is was a little helpful to you. I recently invested “a lot” of time and created 3 eBooks on topics such as earning money online, crypto, and hacks to saving cash.

The best part is I’m giving the eBooks away for FREE. You can learn more by clicking the link HERE. Bye for now.


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