Are there Mosquitoes in Cuenca Ecuador? (Shocking Find!)

For some strange reason, I’m been fascinated with Cuenca, Ecuador and surprisingly the place doesn’t have many mosquitos. I was curious about this because I “really” hate those insects.

Cuenca, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to the city being 2,560 meters high and mosquitoes don’t usually live in altitudes above 2,200 meters high.

Keep reading and I’ll share 7 other towns in Ecuador that don’t have many mosquitoes and why. I’ll share 3 ways to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your day and 5 reasons Cuenca is a popular destination.

What Towns in Ecuador Don’t Have Mosquitoes?

Cuenca isn’t the only town that doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to its high elevation. Here is a list of other towns in Ecuador that are above 2,200 meters high.

  • Papallacta, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 3,300 meters in elevation.
  • Tulcan, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,980 meters in elevation.
  • Quito, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,850 meters in elevation.
  • Riobamba, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,754 meters in elevation.
  • Latacunga, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,750 meters in elevation.
  • Ambato, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,577 meters in elevation.
  • Cuenca, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,560 meters in elevation.
  • Ibarra, Ecuador doesn’t have many mosquitoes due to it being 2,225 meters in elevation.

Do you Need Bug Spray in Ecuador?

It’s advisable to bring some type of bug deterrent when visiting Ecuador.

Nothing is worse than getting eaten alive by mosquitoes when on a vacation. Recently, I was in Rome, Italy staying in a hostel and someone left the window open.

As you can guess I was bitten up VERY badly and it sucked (no pun intended).

The good news is there are things you can do to prevent mosquito bites even if you’re in an area with a lot of them.

I would highly encourage you to check this out HERE. I know you may be skeptical if it works, but I think it does. In the worst-case scenario, if it doesn’t work, at least you can annoy the shit out of those vampires (that has to feel good).

The device let’s out a sound that annoys the shit out of them and we can’t hear (really cool right?). Another idea that I used when I hiked the PCT is this right HERE. I know not as cool, right? The bad news is somehow I still got bitten.

Nothing is 100% foolproof, but it did help.

Lastly, if you want revenge and have fun doing it then you might want to check this out HERE. I know it’s hard to travel with, but it sure can be fun.

You also might be wondering about bug spray and brands like OFF. I don’t use or recommend bug spray due to the chemicals. Anything you put on your skin can go into your bloodstream.

Still, if I were going to use some I would go with this brand HERE, because it’s much healthier than other products.

What is special about Cuenca Ecuador?

You might be wondering why I’ve been fascinated with Cuenca Ecuador. One reason is there are no damn mosquitos, but another is the weather.

Just look at the weather every month of the year.

I even love how it cools down “ever” so slightly in July. Last July I was in Spain and was dying it was SO hot.

Seriously, can you find a place with better weather?

Next, is the cost of living, in which there are many factors at play. Regardless it’s going to be less money than “anywhere” in the U.S.

Another element that makes this city so special is the healthcare, in which health insurance is 18 times less expensive than the “exact” same plan in the United States.

You can check this post HERE to see how much, but generally, you can expect to pay 10% to 25% of what you would in the U.S. It’s “cheaper” than Mexico!

I know what you might be thinking, “how good is the health insurance in Ecuador?” According to HERE it’s nearly the same ranking.

Some websites like HERE at Bloomberg think Ecuador has a better healthcare system than the U.S. at a fraction of the cost. Of course, they did rank the U.S. as one of the worst healthcare systems in the world.

Ecuador is one of the easiest countries to get a VISA (so you can legally stay there). You can stay 180 days (6 months) in the country without even worrying about a long-term VISA.

The requirements for a retirement visa or professional visa (you work online) are among the easiest in the world.

Cuenca is also not too far from the beach, and the Amazon rainforest and is a decent size town, so you will never run out of things to do.

This may sound cheesy, but the reason I’m excited about Ecuador is the variety of plants, birds and new stuff. It’s one of the MOST biodiverse areas on earth. Plus, there is the strange architecture and festivals!

If you add “everything” up it’s no wonder Cuenca Ecuador is the #1 retirement destination according to International Living.

If Cuenca isn’t your cup of tea there are MANY places on the beach such as Salinas that still make a great location (It’s hard for me to give up surfing).


Ecuador is still a great place to “at least” check out. Getting outside “the bubble” and exploring the world could be a great experience.

The largest expense might just be airfare. The good news is there are some really cool hacks at this place HERE to save you money with flying.

The biggest negative (and positive) when it comes to Ecuador probably is that it helps to learn Spanish. I know you don’t want to learn a second language.

You probably could get by without knowing ANY Spanish, but it sure does help! Plus, it’s sort of rude not to “at least” try a little.

The biggest benefit of learning a second language is it improves your memory (especially, if you’re elderly). It’s going to keep your mind sharp and I really think it’s sort of fun.

I “really” enjoyed traveling around Spain NOT speaking English. It forced me NOT to talk so much.

When it comes to HOW to learn a second language my favorite place would be this one HERE. There are free places to learn Spanish, but you’re going to get hit with LOTS of ads.

Learning a second language is ENOUGH work that you deserve to skip ads.

Also with this place HERE. There is a segment where you have to spell the words (it’s not easy). I take pictures of the answers the first time then go back and cheat if I have to (MUCH better).

It’s the best place I’ve found to learn another language.

I hope this blog post on mosquitoes in Ecuador was helpful, bye for now.


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